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Gaga getting ready (for pre-Oscars party?)

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 Last year she was the award season red carpet queen.  Shallow was an all time iconic Oscar moment.
People may have forgotten other awards but everyone remembers Shallow.
They would have loved for her to be a presenter. 
Gaga is an Academy Award winner, a best actress nominee and a member of the Academy. The only person invited to be a member last year by both the actor's branch and the music branch.  Respect.
Too bad about this year but looking forward to all the years that Gaga will be at the Oscars. :heart:

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19 hours ago, BrothaGaga said:


Your Avi!! I'm seeing Dorian on the 21st!! 

Love + Art


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Whoops wrong topic!!!


... well I guess it could work :huntyga:

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2 hours ago, S0436 said:

I can’t see her going to the Oscars, I think she will probably let Billie Eilish have her moment and I can imagine the pic with Elton, who will call her the “best female singer at the moment”

Files this under: Why I get annoyed by Billie Eilish and her fans. 

Like seriously? She ain’t there but, the idea that Lady Gaga, Academy Member, 3 time oscar nominee and one time winner - should stay home for this generation’s Avril to have moment. 

The Office Reaction GIF



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