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Stupid Love hype is dying?


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15 minutes ago, Defmix100 said:

I'm pretty confused by this I mean I can understand that finding out a bit of background info can further love for a song I don't think it's hard to love one without anything else. I mean when the GP love a song I doubt most of them know anything outside of the song, like Poker Face did so well without the GP scrambling to find out it's about bisexual thoughts

It’s not so much about the background and meaning of the song. It’s more about not having any context surrounding it. If we had visuals, some promo, knew where it fit in this upcoming era, etc, it would help. I love the song and I’ve had it on repeat since  it leaked, but something feels off and it kind of falls flat and feels empty, and it’s not due to the song itself, it’s about the silence surrounding it. We just don’t really know where to place it or what to think of it at this point 

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I don’t think so because most people don’t pay attention much to leaks unless they’re into music news. I know we trended on Twitter so people were aware but the core audience for music nowadays (young teens) just pay attention to what comes up on like New Music Friday and stuff on Spotify.

I think we’ll be fine, although now I must admit I feel differently now my thirst hype is over; it feels like a 2017 third single from an album in hindsight so I hope she changes the choice. Or maybe that’s just because now I’ve heard it I want something different 

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I hope so. It's a hot flaming mess. 

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It's a good song but...

Gaga hasn't released a pure pop single in 6 years. Her comeback should be stronger than SL :green:

 I don't want her to have a Perfect Illusion 2.0 moment where the song is decent, but just fizzles out after a few days.


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I can help but notice the irony, I said the hype would die out because of the leaks before it leaked in full and people said “no it won’t” yet here we are

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