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Gaga's top 20 biggest songs in the UK revealed

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I just saw this when I went looking through the UK charts today. I was quite surprised at some of the positions:

"Ever since her first hit in 2009, there's never been a dull moment with Lady Gaga around – every song and every image change is something of an event.

Now, with new Lady Gaga music seemingly imminent, we look back at the smashes that came before it and reveal her biggest songs in the UK based on sales and streams compiled by the Official Charts Company."


Spoilered for those who don't want to read it all:



1. Pokerface (1.5 million + 39 million streams)

2. Shallow (1.4 million + 175 million streams)

3. Bad Romance (1.3 million)

4. Just Dance (1.2 million + 29 million streams)

5. Telephone (982,000)

6. Born This Way (936,000 + 23 million streams)

7. The Edge Of Glory

8. Paparazzi

9. Alejandro

10. Applause

11. Always Remember Us This Way

12. The Cure

13. Million Reasons

14. Judas

15. Do What U Want

16. I'll Never Love Again

17. Lovegame

18. Marry The Night

19. You And I

20. Perfect Illusion


What ones surprised you? I think it was ARUTW for sure. This soundtrack is something else. And catch the streams on Shallow. I didn't realise Gaga was capable of such figures. I just wish they could've showed sales and streams for all of them. Gaga is now so close to 6 one million sellers in the UK, so wild.

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yasss us uk monsters love gaga sooo much we cant wait to see her here again soon 


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9 minutes ago, GrigioGirl1 said:

Bad Romance with zero streams?

It just didn't mention it in the article, same with Telephone. I don't know why when it mentions lesser ones.


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I didn’t know MR had the same kind of longevity there! Well done! I know it’s not that high up but I’m surprised at some of the songs it beat out.


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