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Cosplaying Politician elected New Taipei City




Lai Pin-yu, 27, Democrat, and an awesome Asuka Langley, won a tight race in New Taipei City's 12th district, defeating former mayor in a crushing defeat. Power escalation arc probably not involved. Probably. 

Besides cosplaying, anime, games, and memes, Lai is an activist and studied law at  National Taipei University.

When Lai knew she had won the seat, she uploaded a Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon cosplay photo to Facebook writing “Hello friends, I am Lai Pinyu, lawmaker of New Taipei City’s 12th District. Please give me your feedback over the next four years.”


Excuse me while I move to the 12th district of New Taipei City. 

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When you cosplay as Hime Yarizakura too long :ally:


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