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Stefani Tee
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AOC Launches New PAC Challenging DCCC 'Blacklisting'

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12 hours ago, thehanyo said:

Sorry, sis, I have receipts from an unbiased source:


"Our Revolution can raise unlimited sums from wealthy patrons that dwarf the limits faced by candidates and conventional PACs. Unlike a super PAC, however, the group doesn’t have to disclose its donors — a stream of revenue commonly referred to as 'dark money.'"


Nothing said here... contradicts what I've said :emma: 

but go off.

私自身もこの世の中も誰もかれもが, どんなに華やかな人生でも, どんなに悲惨な人生でも, いつかは変貌し, 破壊され、消滅してしまう. すべてがもともとこの世に存在しない一瞬の幻想なのだから


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