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Stefani Tee
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2020: Overflowing Great Lakes Even Higher, Parks & Homes To Submerge

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The Great Lakes which already hit all time record levels in 2019 (after the record was just broken in 2017) could see water level go even higher in 2020


This winter is forecast to both be colder than usual and have more snow fall than usual (normally colder winters tend to be drier not wetter)... More ice cover in winter reduces evaporation in great lakes while higher snowfall means more snow melt for the spring



Water levels have already gotten so high that the outer edges of the city of Chicago were flooded this year and Toronto's touristic island had to be closed all summer after becoming submerged in water.


The prospects of levels going even higher are more than problemstic:


Edit: New article. Seems like entire parks and homes and trails are expected to be flooded and submerged in 2020 especially in the State of Michigan. Coast lines all over great lakes will face erosion as well



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2 minutes ago, OBEY said:

delayed spring ???? BITCH.....

I know. So annoying :selena:


The lakes tho. Climate stop!!! U already made the beaches small or disappear and I wanted to go to Toronto island this year only to find out it submerged and was closed :noparty:


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