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Linda Ronstadt Calls Out Mike Pompeo

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It is reported that music legend Linda Ronstadt, 73, is being awarded at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2020.


At the State Department event (which Pompeo is hosting for 2020), Mike Pompeo said the following when giving the portion of his speech dedicated to Ronstadt: "Ms. Ronstadt, thank you and congratulations. And I will say my job, as I travel the world, I just want to know when I will be loved?".

Ronstadt, who has been suffering from the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease for almost a decade, was asked to give say a  few words later that day. Well, Linda wasn't having any of his bull**** and had the following to say:

Needless to say, the crowd didn't expect that at all.



Also, mods. I wasn't sure if this should go under politics or not. Feel free to move it if it fits better in another thread category :heart:


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