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Bernie surging among Latino voters, an increasingly crucial voting bloc


Sanders is here in California to shore up support for the Green New Deal, a plan to turn away from fossil fuels and invest in clean energy, creating jobs in the process. But the event’s opening speakers stoke the crowd’s energy and make plain the subtext for the visit: Sanders wants to claim the Latino vote. And recent polls show he’s doing just that.

It’s a message of social, economic and environmental justice and Sanders has been speaking it for decades. And here in Fresno it’s found an especially receptive audience.

Numbers from recent polls put Sanders as a heavy favorite among the Latino voters – a bloc that has tremendous sway in determining the outcome of the democratic primary in the state and across the nation.


Latino turnout surge

Latino turnout has historically lagged behind other voting groups, but that appears to be changing under Trump. Latino turnout in the 2018 midterms hit 11.7m, nearly doubling from 2014, according to figures from Pew Research. A statewide poll released by LCF and Latino Decisions, which conducts research on political opinions, found that a historic 74% of registered Latino voters said they were certain they were going to vote in the 3 March presidential primary.



So Trump going after Mexicans and Latinos is only making Latino voters vote in higher and higher numbers which is now working in Bernie's favor :diane:

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Morphine Prince

The centrists will have you believe they don’t exist. Oops. 


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