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Is Gaga Your Number 1?

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Of course it is. I love many other artists but I can't "stan" them the way I stan Gaga. Gaga is the most complete artist nowadays.

P.S.: and I would love her even more if she released her tours on dvd :triggered:

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19 minutes ago, gabrielflorin01 said:

Wow, I had no idea about this. Thank you so much for sharing, it was a really interesting read. So glad to see people giving her a chance and discovering the greatness of her :flutter: but damn, you truly missed a lot. My earliest Xtina memories are watching Candyman and Keeps Gettin' Better on MTV, and being pretty scared of the Not Myself Tonight music video because of how aggressively sexual she was :toofunny:

It makes me so happy too now when new people discover her! She has a pretty controversial voice which was a turn off for me in the beginning, but it's the thing I love most about her now! So I encourage everyone to give her a chance:diane:

Yea I missed a lot! Even though I know a lot, I'm still still learning about new outfits, performances, interviews etc everyday! It must have been amazing to see her evolve and witness the eras when they happened:diane: 

Also, I can imagine the NMT video being very shocking at a young age:ladyhaha: Same goes for Dirrty for young fan who expected a Genie In A Bottle 2.0:huntyga:

What you want Lady Gaga🥂 What you want with Christina🥂
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She's on of my favorite artists ever, but I'm very obsessed with the 90's since I was a little kid (I was born in 1991) and the artists that I admire the most are Alanis Morissette, Liz Phair and Tori Amos.

In the pop world tho, Gaga and Madonna are my faves.

Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch, just drink my ****ing coffee and watch 90's cartoons and hush
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Pop Music
Just now, NicoWe said:

For me she's no.2 behind tokio hotel 🙈

a bop

Gaga 💝Taylor 💝Carly Rae 💝Marina 💝Rina 💝Shania 💝Disney 💝Lush 💝Corey Fogelmanis
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1. Ana Torroja

2. Jessica Simpson

3. Lady Gaga


I love my 3 girls equally but if I have to choose...

My new single #Tregua available on your favorite streaming service
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