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Stefani Tee
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O'Rourke: Churches against gay marriage should lose tax benefits

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2 minutes ago, Lilmonzter said:

It sounds good but 

As long there's a church of scientology 

You cannot single out a single religious institution for discrimination 

Tag all o them or nun 

Or set a precedent against one and then for all the rest.

Umm... I didn't see where he's singling out one church. :awkney:

They should all lose tax exempt status with deductibles for non-political charity work just like individuals get. Most churches use their tax exempt status for fraud and operate like businesses anyway. Should be taxed as such.

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I mean churches shouldnt be tax exempt at all, but go off sis :ladyhaha: 

It's like hes trying to be the socially most progressive one all of a sudden, hes grasping for straws anywhere :rip: 

私自身もこの世の中も誰もかれもが, どんなに華やかな人生でも, どんなに悲惨な人生でも, いつかは変貌し, 破壊され、消滅してしまう. すべてがもともとこの世に存在しない一瞬の幻想なのだから


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2 hours ago, PunkTheFunk said:

Churches and other religious institutions shouldn't be tax exempt period. 

This a million times. I came here to write this word for word. :whitney:

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King Jr.
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