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Stefani Tee
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Graveyard MV meaning

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What do you guys think the Graveyard music video by Halsey, that came out a few hours ago means?

In my opinion it tells the story of Ashley leaving her childhood behind. In the very first seen we see her in a room that's not necessarily totally childish but still has elements of it, and I think this means that she's nostalgic of those days. Then most of the video is she with another girl at night at a fair. In the beggining of the first time I watched I thought it must be a past lover, but I think the childish imaginery is so exaggerated to avoid it looking like this. I think it's a metaphor for her childhood and that the whole scene at the fair is her childhood fantasy. Another thing to proof my point would be: probably the first thing that pops to our minds when we think of eternal childhood is Peter Pan, and they are both wearing similar hairstyles and dresses than wendy of the disney version.


In the end, Ashley goes back to the same scenario where her childhood fantasy took place, but without her friend aka the personification of childhooh's positivity, and she's not happy any more.


What are your interpretations? Do you agree with me?

discuss :

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corvus albus
8 minutes ago, Andreu said:

queen of interpretation @corvus albus, thoughts on this?

I need time :bradley:

Standing Still


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