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“Paws Up. Hoedown. Lady Gaga Goes to FarmVille” (2011)


Bops, on, crops. 🦄


GagaVille: Lady Gaga Goes to FarmVille

For ten days in May of 2011, Farmville and Lady Gaga partnered up to promote the "Born This Way" album in the most unlikely of ways. GagaVille was created as a destination in FarmVille where users could retrieve crystals, unicorns, and chrome cows (just to name a few) for their own farms. By completing outrageous in-game tasks, players were able to stream tracks from Gaga's latest album before it's release. While at EVB, I art directed an amazing mocumentary-style video where real life conservative farmers are transformed into little monsters, sporting everything from watering-can hats to bedazzled tractors. I also art directed and designed the Youtube homepage, landing page, and billboard. An amazing achievement for the entire team, all done in just three weeks.



“I’m John. I have, lived here my whole life. Yeah, at first, we were, not too sure about this ‘Lady Gaga…’ — loud music, monsters, chrome-studded leather bustiers. … We thought we’d have to teach her about farming; but, as it turned out, she taught us a lot about ourselves.”

“Before Lady Gaga, we grew strawberries. They’re real good on breakfast cereals, or in strawberry rhubarb pie, or just by themselve—” “Ever since Lady Gaga moved here, we’ve been growin’ somethin’ different.” “Yeah, I don’t even know what that is.” “They’re not real good on breakfast cereals, but they’re sellin’ in L.A.”

“One time I was here, and I looked out in the backfield, and she was there with her unicorn. So, I went up and I said, ‘What are you doing?’ And, what she said, I’ll never forget; she said: “I’m sprinkling love, acceptance, and freedom.” And then she gave me these [potted chrome flowers].” “… I’m jealous.”

[Looking at bejeweled chrome-plated gauntlet glove] “I just think it gives me a sense of power … can you feel it?”

“Our field was all dried up.” “And it was not in good shape.” “No, not at all. Then she showed up, [points to bejeweled Fabergé-like egg] they just grow like this now.” “Just like this.” “Lady Gaga drenched our farm in love and acceptance.” “And Lady Gaga Instant-Grow … !”

“There was a lot more dancing, if that’s what you want to call it — but, yeah there’s lots of dancing. Well, she’s affected more than our crops, though; we’ve become quite the little monsters, haven’t we?” [puts paws up, demurely] … (gestures to his horse) Stay, Candy.”



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