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Let's all make a Gaga cover album collaboratively!


Gaga Tribute Cover Album  

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  1. 1. Which album should we, her fans, cover first?

    • The Fame
    • The Fame Monster
    • Born This Way
    • ARTPOP
    • A Star Is Born
    • Compilation (different songs from different albums)
    • Joanne

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Update 2: We have 7 finished songs already! As well as 2 demos. I know many more are in the works. I'm working on my own Princess Die cover which would make 3 of the 8 covers Princess Die :laughga: I don't know how this song got so popular for covers.

Update: Thanks for the overwhelming response y'all! :firega:

Since Compilation won by a large amount, let's do that. I know many wanted The Fame but I want everyone to be able to contribute and a compilation will let us do that better. I'm thinking we could break our compilation into several "Acts"  based on themes and mix and match songs from different albums.

Pick whatever song you like. Even if someone else has said they want a particular song, you can have it. We can make two versions of the same song. For example, Poker Face (similar to studio version) and Poker Face (live version). :)

I will be maintaining a list of everything here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AmHoiNgQEFyYluotFaL9o4jY5Ilc8w

Check the first sheet for the master list, second sheet for links to demos, third sheet for finished songs! :)

If you don't find your preferences or name listed there, please let me know and I'll add it.

In general, will all be responsible for everything regarding our own song but this is collaborative, so we can help and lift each other. :hug: If you can play an instrument and sing, great! If you can sing, we can find a backing instrumental track for it! If you can only play an instrument and don't sing, you can help do an instrumental solo or accompaniment for someone else! And if you produce, you can help others who don't know how to do it! Together we can create something great!

Copyright/licensing stuff: Those who can recreate instrumentals on their own, wonderful. Others should be fine with official instrumentals. Does anyone know if that'll be safe for SoundCloud and YouTube? I don't want this to be commercial or monetized. This should be a fun project by Gaga fans as a tribute for her. And if it's not commercial, we're less likely to have copyright issues.

Once we work on our songs, we can upload it individually to a SoundCloud with the description saying something like "The music belongs to UMG/Interscope. No infringement intended. This may be used either by [you] or for the Little Monster Cover compilation." I want this project to be decentralized, so no one person is too important in it or steals the credit. It's gonna be us all. After all, hey girl, we can make it easy if we lift each other. We don't need to keep on one-in' up another! :)

In the end after all tracks are done, we can compile all individual tracks in a specific order and upload it to YouTube under one account. :firega: You can keep em on your own SoundCloud too. Then we can share it all across our social medias, make it go viral, and hopefully have Gaga notice it. :staymad: Even if that doesn't happen, hopefully we all have fun!

Q: I am a singer but I do not play other instruments. How can create a cover?
A: You can look up instrumentals, karaoke tracks, accompaniments, etc. on YouTube! Many people post them. And then you can use YouTube to mp3 sites to download. It generally won't be best quality but it'll be decent. If you cannot find one, feel free to ask other members here (those in the spreadsheet who have other instruments listed) for their help. Finally, if you're willing to spend $5, you can find full scores for Gaga music along with accompaniments from Musicnotes.com!

I also have a Chordify subscription. Please check if Chordify has your song and let me know via PM and I'll grab you the accompaniment.

Q. I do not sing but I play an instrument or two. I want to contribute.
A: Good news! You're in high demand. :huntyga: Please check out requests by members in the spreadsheet and see if you can fulfill any. :)

Q. I don't know how to produce, edit, or mix.
A: It's not too hard for beginners to learn! I encourage everyone to learn it and do it on their own since there are so many people and the few producers here would be overwhelmed. Check out tutorials for Audacity, a free mixing software. If you have recommendations for others, let me know.


Original Post:

Hi all

So I know this site has amazing talent and many of us have recorded covers and even released our own music! From a group I'm in about a different band, I got this idea. Let's record a cover album of Gaga songs, all sung (and maybe even played) by her fans from around the world! We have instrumentals and stems from a lot of songs. Imagine all the creative possibilities :firega:

This site is powerful and with all the negativity coming around, this will be a fun venture not just for us fans (who love to make music and sing or play instruments) but maybe Gaga will see it! We know that her team sometimes checks things out here. Imagine how good Gaga would feel if she saw her fans made her a special tribute album. :hug:

We could even do duplicates (same song sung by different people), deluxe tracks, etc.!

I want everyone who wants to sing to get a chance! If we end up choosing a different album than the one you wanted, try contributing to that one. If not, then we can make multiple. 

Idea: TFM for its 10th anniversary :staymad:

If you're interested, please comment here along with which song you'd like to sing. I say we should do it one album at a time. Also, if you know of any GGD musicians, tag them please.

Let's go sistren!

lady gaga mic drop GIF by Mashable

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lg6 ain't coming so little monsters are making it themselves  

Update 2: We have 7 finished songs already! As well as 2 demos. I know many more are in the works. I'm working on my own Princess Die cover which would make 3 of the 8 covers Princess Die  I don't kno

Omg i swear I added it. Contact the forum software people

Just now, KatieJudasGaga4 said:

Where is Joanne :triggered:

Omg i swear I added it. Contact the forum software people :messga:

Check out iTunes data & graphs at CHARTPOP.live
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Please let me have “Why Did You Do That?” I could do a banging PC music cover :giveup: or “So Happy I Could Die,” which I’ve already seriously considered covering :pray:

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I'd love to take part but I have very little musical talent. 

So I'll leave my ideas here. Lols 

Spoiler not appearing on phone so just deal. 

A cover of The Cure inspired by Weight of the World End of YoRHa version. Starts out in 8-bit then the first chorus comes in with Gaga as normal. But then the rest of the song comes in different languages sung by multiple peeps and the instrumental is a mix of the original and an orchestral version. 

I imagine you could do Born This Way similarly. 

Finally a full mariachi and Spanish Americano. 

Reverse the vibes of Bad Kids. Make the chorus metal and the verses bubblegum Pop. Inspiration? Look up Concrete by Poppy. 

A Stuck On F*ucking You cover more in the style of Joanne. 

A filksy Celtic elfy sounding cover of ARTPOP. Look up Loreena McKinnet for inspiration. Must contain a lute and pan flute. 

G.U.Y. done in the style of Disney's Hercules, sung as close to possible as the Muses would cover it. 

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6 minutes ago, Seeka said:

G.U.Y. done in the style of Disney's Hercules, sung as close to possible as the Muses would cover it. 

oh my god I love this idea

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