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Taylor Generous Queen Swift Did It Again! This Time To Toronto Music School

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Taylor Swift's latest album, Lover, was released yesterday, and if you listen closely you'll hear a big Canadian connection. 

The Regent Park School of Music in Toronto is sampled on the song It's Nice to Have a Friend, which was produced by Toronto's Frank Dukes along with Louis Bell and Swift. The youth choir can be heard playing instruments and singing backup, which came about as part of a collaboration with the producer called Parkscapes. It is available through Dukes' Kingsway Music Library.

One of the songs on TS's new album #Lover, It's Nice To Have A Friend,  samples a youth choir from Toronto, and every time someone streams it their school makes some money.

Regent Park School of Music is a community school that helps kids succeed through music and develop a positive future by practising their musical passions. The Toronto program gives young people "highly subsidized quality music education" in high-priority neighbourhoods. 



Full article at Source:



Stream #Lover, y'all! Stream the song! Do your part! :applause:

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A Hybrid

Hey, a reason to listen to a Lover song :poot:

(aside from St. Vincent being a co-writer on Cruel Summer :))

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It's nice to see an artist doing things that make a direct impact on individual people's lives, as opposed to just talking broadly about social causes.

I recognize that her #reputation is such that she has more to gain by creating these feel-good stories, but in my opinion that doesn't discredit the actions at all. Doing good is doing good, even if there's more than one motivation for it.

I have to be less of a Ruby and more of a Marie
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t e a

it's the simply things like this that make you appreciate ha #screamsYASincanadian


d e r r i d a
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