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Hello everyone, Marges here 2018_tay6.gif

I just got used to Taylor's sixth studio album 'reputation', and wanted to start an Megarate for it immediately, so here we are. 

By the way: This is also my first megarate :tony:



1. Rate each track from 1 to 10, decimals are highly encouraged. You can rate one track with an 11, to show your love for it and a 0 for your least favorite track.

2. Comments aren't necessary, but are highly encouraged!

3. The deadline for voting is August 10.

4. Please don't troll.

5. Send me your submissions through PMs [@Marges] until the deadline. Please don't post them here in the thread!

6. The results ceremony is scheduled for August 14, 9pm BST/4pm EST.

7. Have fun!




1....Ready for It?  

2. End Game (featuring Ed Sheeran und Future)

3. I Did Something Bad  

4. Don’t Blame Me  

5. Delicate  

6. Look What You Made Me Do  

7. So It Goes...  

8. Gorgeous  

9. Getaway Car  

10. King of My Heart  

11. Dancing with Our Hands Tied 

12. Dress  

13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things  

14. Call It What You Want 

15. New Year’s Day  

Spotify and Youtube Full Album:



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3 minutes ago, TheWitness said:

You can compare with my old one from a few years ago :) 

Oh cool! I searched if there was any megarate for reputation already, but didn‘t find anything. Excited to see how this one turns out :excited2:

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4 minutes ago, TheWitness said:

You can compare with my old one from a few years ago :) 

this is so shady to me HAH

Make it stupid!
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And I didn’t even get a tag:crossed: I even entered the thread already thinking I should tag you:crossed:

What you want Lady Gaga🥂 What you want with Christina🥂
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7 minutes ago, Davian said:

And I didn’t even get a tag:crossed: I even entered the thread already thinking I should tag you:crossed:

Oh mess, I just copied the taglist from your Bionic Megarate, I'm so sorry :deadbanana:

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