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8 Iconic collabs for Lady Gaga

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Renato Pinheiro

taking into consideration that Lady Gaga is an A+ artist and has all the requirements of a legend, these are the ideal partnerships for a pop queen song.


attention: the list has artists who unfortunately have already died. Don't judge me


Freddie Mercury:


Could not start with another name. The legacy of this legendary rockstar is immense and influences artists to this day. Lady Gaga, whose name is directly linked to Queen Ga's Radio Ga Ga song where Freddie was a leader for two decades, blends seamlessly with Mercury's eclectic and daring style. These two on a stage could stop the world to see them


David Bowie:


Okay, we all know he's number one for Gaga and that her tattoo in honor of him is weird (no offense, weird is cool).

Lady Gaga's agitated creativity would perfectly match Bowie's style, yielding a forward-looking futuristic rock glam sound that would be remembered forever.




And what could I say? The Greatest Thing could be the gay anthem of the millennium.

Gaga has much of Cher's courage and versatility in venturing into various segments of the art industry and winning in all of them. A song of the two (without autotune) could tear the heaven like thunder saying: The goddesses have arrived.


Cyndi Lauper:


Cyndi Lauper has become timeless with just a few years in the mainstream of pop music and will probably be remembered forever. Like Gaga, cyndi sounds good in any style and over the last 3 decades has risked in several segments winning the Grammy, Emmy and Tony Awards. She's almost an EGOT, guys.


Elton John:


A powerful ballad of Gaga with Elton could have a room in our hearts. Many monsters have been expecting this for years, and despite a long friendship they have never signaled that a duet is near. We all know that how good they are together and the Grammy performance in 2010 will not let me lie. Two crazy piano performers.


Stevie Wonder:


Gaga is a big fan of Mr. Wonder. In 2015 she performed in a tribute to the legendary artist and sang the hit "Wish". A year later she performed alongside him at Tony Bennett's 90th birthday party.

Stevie has an expressive talent for love songs which he plays with deep sentimentality. A ballad with Gaga could break our hearts




Gene Simmons has repeatedly demonstrated his admiration for Gaga. The bizarre style of the band combined with a rebellious rock n roll sound made me think that Lady Gaga would be a perfect member to join the quartet. A performance with them would be iconic.


Céline Dion:


Since Million Reasons became a hit Lady gaga has been consolidating more and more as one of the best vocalists in history and from ASIB has filled its catalog with powerful balladas. Joining with Céline on a stage would be very easy for our monster mother, who would shine in the same intensity as the Canadian muse.

A song of the two greatest Singers could live forever on top of the French charts and sold out Las Vegas shows.


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“they have never signaled that a duet is near”

2011 is shook :messga:

But yes at everyone! 


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Where is Michael Jackson? He was also multi talented and very talented on almost all these talents. 


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Mr S

I'll pass on most of those.

Give me a collab with Janelle Monae, Frank Ocean, or Lana Del Ray over those.

I wouldn't mind a live performance with Madonna though.

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Henri Bardot

Freddy Mercury would most likely adore Gaga :kara:

Those 2 together are my dream. But not all dreams can be. Sadly. 

boys don't cry


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daft punk please!


i wouldnt be suprised if celine is on lg6

Edited by Schizophonic


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35 minutes ago, GagaXCollection said:


Their SNL performance and dialogue was hilarious but idk many people here don't like Madonna.:noparty:


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8 Iconic Collaborations For Me

Lady Gaga ft. Rihanna

Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé

Lady Gaga ft. The Weeknd

Lady Gaga ft. Bruno Mars

Lady Gaga ft. Daft Punk

Lady Gaga ft. Janelle Monae

Lady Gaga ft. Cher

Lady Gaga ft. Ally Maine :sis:

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