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Stefani Tee
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Favourite David Bowie album(s) and song(s)

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Mine are Station to Station, Young Americans and Never Let Me Down, and my favourite songs are Cat People (Putting Out Fire), TVC 15 and  The Man Who Sold The World.

What about you?

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The labyrinth soundtrack because that's how I discovered bowie when I was a tiny little foetus in 1988.

Actually "within you" and "as the world falls down" are legit 10/10 songs. Amazing.

Rebel rebel has to be my all time favourite though because it goes pretty hard but not too hard.

And the man who sold the world.

And suffragette city.

And oh you pretty things.

And The Jean Genie.

Ugh so many

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Sestri Levante

Earthling, Aladdin Sane and Low are my favourite albums. The one I love the most is Earthling, the NIN influences are ridiculously good :firega: Subterraneans, Starman, Space Oddity are some of my favourite songs 

Adding you to my list of people to forget about
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Earthling and Aladdin Sane albums. Not a big big fan of Bowie and don’t really listen to him that much but appreciate his work and legacy!

Songs I’d say Life on Mars, Starman. 

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David Ward

Hunky Dory

Rise and Fall of Ziggy  Stardust

Space Oddity 



Lady Stardust

Life on Mars

Andy Warhol

Rebel, Rebel


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