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8 minutes ago, RoverLoader said:

One Album Wonders -Billie and Lourde

The New Paula Abdul - Katy perry

The New Shania twain - Taylor Swift

New Legacy Artist - Gaga

Grandmother of Pop -Madge

New Mariah - Ariana

Old Mariah - Xtina

The New Pink - Halsey





actually literally what is this the more i read this the more i think ur trolling 

I'm not a witch, I'm a love technician
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2 hours ago, Maleficent said:

paula abdul didn’t have 6 (?) number ones tho 

But she was an American Idol judge :ally:


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4 hours ago, Widows Kiss said:

Slaying: Ariana, Billie

Slowly declining: Gaga, Taylor, Cardi

Promising: Halsey, Dua, Camila, Miley, Demi, Normani, Lizzo, Ava

Fading: Selena Gomez, Bebe, Katy, Kesha

Dead: Nicki, Britney, JLo, Meghan, Iggy, Xtina

Gaga declining? 

Shallow is still in the top 20 in Sweden + ARUTW is still charting good + everyone talks about ha and stuff and she’s so big in the whole europe at least soooooo

ron burgundy what GIF

strike a ****ing pose


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