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SUPER MEGARATE S1: Britney Spears

Album 4th Round  

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  1. 1. Album 4th Round

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Animal Claws

               WELCOME TO MY FIRST SUPER MEGARATE :runhug:

         Continuing our first season with the discography of Britney, in this third round we will go with her great album CIRCUS

        Before I had planned on making Megarates with random albums, but I thought it would be cooler and more organized if I made one artist per season, so we could play with all their albums

  So hands up! For those who have arrived now, welcome everyone and know the rules


1) You can only vote on songs from 1-10 (11 for your favorite), you are not allowed to give 0 :crossed:

2) The rules of this Megarate are somewhat different from the previous ones, because if you don't send your votes until the Deadline, you will be eliminated and you will not be able to play any more

3) Please, don't troll

4) Comments are important but not required

5) Decimals are highly recommended to avoid draws

6) Deadline will be in May, 10th

7) You must send the votes by PM to me @Animal Claws




1. Womanizer

2. Circus

3. Out from Under

4. Kill the Lights

5. Shattered Glass

6. If U Seek Amy

7. Unusual You

8. Blur

9. Mmm Papi

10. Mannequin

11. Lace and Leather

12. My Baby

13. Radar

14. Rock Me In

15. Phonography

16. Amnesia

17. Trouble

18. Quicksand

19. Rock Boy



19. Mmm Papi

18. Rock Boy

17. My Baby

16. Blur

15. Mannequin

14. Kill the Lights

13. Amnesia

12. Unusual You

11. Trouble

10. Rock Me In

9. Shattered Glass

8. Out from Under

7. Lace and Leather

6. Radar

5. Phonography

4. Quicksand

3. Womanizer

2. If U Seek Amy

1. Circus (WINNER)



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Add me please but what do I do I love this albom  :neyde:

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I'm interested but I'm already participating in 2 other megarates so I might not make it until May 10th :huntyga: but I'll do my best :vegas:

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Count me in!

Circus for the win :firega:

I’m just a Holy Fool, oh baby he’s so cruel, But I’m still in love with Judas, baby
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@Animal ClawsI’m personally not that into Britney’s music, but thanks so much for the tag! I appreciate you always keeping me in mind for these megarates! Have fun everyone!! :kiss:

I feel invincible with my headphones on...
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I'm in!

✨oh the lights dim while we’re dancing yeah the floor is shaking in this disco heaven✨
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Animal Claws
Posted (edited)

@PrincessVenus @GaGaLB @Phoebe Buffay@KatieJudasGaga4 @Gimme More @dynamite @Mirages @GAGAJANDRO @DiamondKing @Adrenaliner @Marges

People! I think I will make this topic one, not to be creating several Megarates of the same artist and the Admin be annoyed by it.  So instead of being the topic for Megarate's album, it will be for the entire discography.  So basically Season 1 will focus on this thread.  Okay?

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