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InTouch: Gaga Torn Between Two Lovers

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Well ya heard it here folks probably why LG6 is delayed


the leftover pasta queen can’t decide between Rocket Raccoon or Hawkeye, this is what Infinity War was really about

Oh’ The taste of your lips I'm on a ride, You're TM06 I'm slippin' under
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3 minutes ago, GlitterandTeeth said:

Thanos betta snap to leave her with either one:ally:

Inb4 Thanos snaps her out of existence instead. :triggered:


In all seriousness these tabloids are so full of sh*t it's not cute. 

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It makes me laugh how they make this rubbish up 😂 and there’s many people who believe it to be true.

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wasn’t her pregnancy tweet inspired by an InTouch cover!?

her next tweet:

”torn between two lovers? yeah my single _______ being released on _______ and the album _________ available on _______”

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Peak absurdity.

The small (but loud) cult of LG fans who want her Bradley are effing toxic.

Attacking Irina on Instagram, spreading false information. It’s gross. 

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