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Top 3 Bowie Songs?

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13 minutes ago, fabskt said:

I just started listening to David Bowie! Only listened to Hunky Dory (love Life on Mars). What album do you guys think I should listen to next? Sorry it's kinds off topic but I don't have enough bowie experience to choose my favourite songs hahaha 

In my opinion you should listen to Scary Monsters, Let's Dance (his magnum opus in my opinion), Low, Lodger and Blackstar.

Scary Monsters is famous for containing Ashes to Ashes and Fashion, the album is avant-garde art rock/pop and is his last really weird piece of work. 

Let's Dance is his most commercial album and has some incredible songs like Let's Dance, Modern Love and Cat People (Putting Out Fire). If you wanna see dance-pop/rock Bowie then Let's Dance is for you.

Low is a fan favourite and possibly his most critically acclaimed album, it contains mostly instrumental tracks with withdrawn vocals but lyrically it speaks about his withdrawal from his cocaine addiction. 

Lodger is a world music album, containing many songs in various styles including Yassassin which is a Turkish/reggae song, Fantastic Voyage which is a piano song, African Night Flight which is almost industrial music and the lead single Boys Keep Swinging. 

Blackstar is his self-written eulogy, talking about his death and mortality.

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24 minutes ago, Tommy Monster said:

I don't think he has any good songs :oops:

:madge: that is disgraceful

but you're entitled to your horrifically morbidly incorrect opinion

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