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Read the Barr letter again and keep this in mind: prosecutors do not indict someone unless they have proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Legal scholars generally accept this level of proof as 95%+.

Thought exercise: If Mueller obtained evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians by dangling sanctions relief in order to enrich his business, and this evidence was so abundant that it reached an 85% confidence standard, what action would be in America's best interest?

Answer: Impeachment, of course. The point is that just because Mueller did not obtain enough evidence to indict the POTUS for illegal collusive acts does not mean that Mueller's evidence against the POTUS is not abundant enough to begin impeachment proceedings.

Removing the double-negatives: Robert Mueller's inability to indict Trump for engaging in illegal collusive acts does NOT rule out impeaching Trump for the very same actions.

If Mueller proves Trump engaged in an illegal collusive crime at the standard of a preponderance of the evidence (51%+), it is in the best interest of the American people to impeach Trump.

Barr's letter does not address this and gives Mueller's evidence an ultimatum. It is egregious for Barr to assert that Mueller's evidence either indicts or exonerates the President... Proof to indict (95%+) is not the standard in which we should judge our President. If there is a preponderance of the evidence (51%+) to prove that the President engaged in a crime, then we should move to remove him through the impeachment process IMMEDIATELY.

This conundrum, invented by Barr's obfuscatory wording, cannot be solved until we see Mueller's FULL report and all of its underlying evidence. For all we know, the impeachment of Trump is still on the table for both illegal collusive acts and obstruction of justice.

The media is abdicating their job of accurately informing the American people right now.

If Trump is correct about anything, it may be the nonexistent veracity of the mainstream media.

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