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With 67 days at #1 on iTunes US, Lady Gaga surpasses Adele

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Lady Gaga beats Adele and becomes the female artist with more days on # 1 on iTunes with a song.

Now, with 67 days at the top, the song takes to itself the song record by a female artist to spend more days at # 1 on iTunes.

Here's how Top 3 is:

1) Shallow - Lady Gaga (67 days in # 1) 
2) Hello - Adele (66 days in # 1) 
3) Someone Like You (61 days in # 1)

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Before Shallow happened, I bet the entirety of this site would laugh at the idea of Shallow staying at #1 US for more days than Hello did.

Well it happened.

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8 minutes ago, Monster7 said:

Shallow surpasses Hello

LG6 better surpasses 25's 8 million copies first week too:gayhat:

I don’t think Hello did that much first week. It did 3 mil in the US, 1 mil in Europe, and I don’t think the rest of the world accounted for another 4 million lol correct me if I’m wrong

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17 minutes ago, FentyGa said:

why is Adele such a force:oprah:

The same reason why Shallow is winning. They invoke hummanity and emotion.

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I'm all here for Shallow's success but let's not forget that iTunes is pretty much dead compared to when Adele last released something :oops:

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