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Grammy Noms for Mariah Next Year?

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Mariah's latest studio album, Caution, received rave reviews from critics. 


It came out in November of 2018 and therefore is eligible for the 2020 Grammys.


I'm thinking it deserves at least a Grammy nom for either Best R&B album or Urban Contemporary Album (depending on which category they would submit it for). Older acts like her have been able to score nominations. In fact. Toni Braxton was nominated for Best R&B album this year. 


Surprisingly for someone of Mariah's talent, she has only won 5 Grammys, but has been nominated 34 times. The last time she was nominated was in 2009.



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because ASIB needs to win.

So we are going to delete this album from existence + removing the memory from everyone and we are sending Adele to find life on Pluto, just in case.


Caution is soo good :cryga:

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I'm not serious 99% of the times ;)
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