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"It's not romance, it's not even love. It's something much much deeper..."

As is my job on GGD, I like to introduce relatively obscure weird things during times of when this site is alive.

I now present sweet pool. One of the lesser known works of Nitro+CHiRAL, who are infinitely famous for BL Dramatical Murder. They have other works, but let's talk mostly about their gay stuff.

sweet pool (in all lowercase letters, the antithesis of ARTPOP) is a boys love visual novel (and the inspiration behind Noiz of DMMD).

sweet pool begins with the return of Youji Sakiyama to his Catholic high school after being confined in hospital for a year. Suddenly he finds his life changing in unbelievable ways as his fate becomes entangled with his classmate Tetsuo Shironuma, upperclassman Zenya Okinaga and best friend Makoto Mita.

As with most Nitro+Chiral productions, there's blood, gore, body horrors, psychosis, primal horror, and regret for every decision you have made in your life related to this game.

Nitro+CHiRal has actually remastered the game recently, original coming out in 2008. The remaster came out this year and is currently being localized by JAST USA. This is a big deal as the original fan translation of sweet pool was never quite... finished. Like the second draft of a book, it had the meat and everything was there, it just wasn't polished enough. 

Funny how both Gaga and sweet pool are celebrating ten years.

I suggest everyone go play this once the new translation is out.


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