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Rumor: Possible Gaga single leak?

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So everyone’s saying that she’s coming today, as in one of the tweets below. In no way am I saying this is real, it just seems like it could be? It could be some fake inside but every time something like this happens it gets me hyped. Do you guys think the leak is real? :giveup:




**EDIT: I didn’t know what to tag it so I put News, does this belong in Gaga Thoughts? I’m not trying to get into trouble skssksk:cryga: Haroon please don’t ban me

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changed tag after changing section
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Dreams of you and me are in the dirt.
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1 minute ago, Henri Bardot said:

News :ohwell:


1 minute ago, Speechless94 said:


I honestly didn’t know what to tag it, inb4 Haroon beats my ass:messga:

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ban. :koons:

althought I would love something in this vibe I can’t lie if my life depended on it.

but no. that’s fake and heterosexual. 

“something bigger than me. yeah, I can feel it opening. tried to ignore it but it keeps on growing out of control.”
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