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Ciara is So Underrated

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I was just watching Ciara's new music video for "Level Up" and it really got me thinking how underrated she is. Like she had one extremely successful era and another successful era and then kinda lost popularity. 


But i wish she had stayed. She is so talented. In my opinion, of singers to debut this millennium, she is the best dancer. Her voice also has such a sensual sound to it, which is enjoyable to listen to. You can tell she puts her all into everything she does.


She also released one of the best albums of 2015, Jackie (Gaga's inspiration for naming an album after a family member :vegas:). If you haven't listened to it, i highly suggest it:



I really hope she can have some kind of comeback at some point so talent can win. 




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Alexander Levi

I really like her but I think her super success is done.

But at least she can venture into more experimental routes since she isn’t constantly needing a hit every album.

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and if u lookin at my boobies keep on lookin cause they stay in the braaa oh oh oh

She's still not Lumidee so she's fine lol

I'm not serious 99% of the times ;)
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Satans Ex Wife

Ciara brings back memories of going to school dances and the skating ring when I was a teen :lana: <- Me dancing to One Two Step as an 11 year old dorky white girl

I'd be here for a crunk comeback tbh. It seemed to have a bit more flexibility than trap or trop-pop, at least



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