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Pick 1 non-single that could've been a hit for each Pop Girl

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Gaga: Scheisse (or A-YO)

Britney: Breathe On Me

Katy Perry: Walking On Air

Rihanna: Numb ft. Eminem

Nicki Minaj: Get On Your Knees ft. Ariana Grande

Beyonce: Blow

Ariana Grande: Be Alright

Miley Cyrus: GetitRight






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Lady Gaga = Starstruck

Katy Perry = Walking On Air

Britney Spears = Inside Out

Rihanna = Raining Men

Nicki Minaj = Whip It

Selena Gomez = Sober 

Ariana Grande = Be Alright (a remix with more vocals tho I guess)

Taylor Swift = New Romantics

Madonna = Runaway Lover

Kylie Minogue = Butterfly


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Lady Gaga: Starstruck, Monster, Dance In The Dark, Scheisse,  G.U.Y., Dancin In Circles, John Wayne, The Cure

Katy Perry: Roulette, Witness, Power

Madonna: Skin

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Gaga - Boys Boys BOYS, Speechless, Americano, MANiCURE, Swine, Venus, AYO, DIC

Lorde - All of pure heroine(except glory and gore) Supercut, Sober, Hard Feelings, Liability

Lana - Radio

Dua Lipa - Genesis

I dont really listen to others



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Hi Its Nicole

Lady Gaga: Starstruck, Dancin In Circles, Heavy Metal Lover

Katy Perry: Witness, Pea****

Taylor Swift: Wonderland, Breathe, I Know Places

Miley Cyrus: SMS (Bangerz) 

Ariana Grande: Let Me Love You

Demi Lovato: Watin For Ya, Kindom Come

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Enigma Is Coming


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Lady Gaga - MANiCURE (Sexxx Dreams would come second)

Katy Perry - Roulette (the album might not be over yet, but yeah)

Britney Spears - The Hook Up (would've smashed at the time and Ooh Ooh Baby in second place)

Rihanna - Push Up On Me (an oldie, but this would have worked at the time)

Beyonce - That's How You Like It feat. Jay Z (very old song but would've worked at the time)

Nicki Minaj - Whip It (with Beautiful Sinner in second, half that album was made for 2012's music taste)

Demi Lovato - All Night Long feat. Missy Elliott & Timbaland (really old but she released all her single material already)

Selena Gomez - Undercover (how this didn't become a single, I'll never know)

Miley Cyrus - Love Money Party feat. Big Sean (messy enough to have been successful at the time)

Ariana Grande - Hands On Me feat. ASAP Ferg (very surprised this never became a single)

Iggy Azalea - Heavy Crown feat. Ellie Goulding (the Ellie feature would have helped elevate it)

Taylor Swift - Wonderland (how this was relegated to the deluxe version, I'll never know)

Christina Aguilera - Let There Be Love (super generic, but hit material, and Just A Fool in second, for the country market)

Kesha - Supernatural (with Thinking Of You in second, this album could've been a hit with the right promo)


Some girl bands:

Fifth Harmony - Reflection (with Top Down in second, this entire album should've had more time dedicated to it)

Little Mix - Is Your Love Enough? (capitalises on the Latin trend and why didn't they have a single from the re-release?)


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Lady Gaga = MANiCURE 

Katy Perry = Bigger Than Me 

Britney Spears = Change Your Mind 

Demi Lovato = Ruin The Friendship  

Miley Cyrus = Someone Else

Ariana Grande= Greedy 

Taylor Swift = Dancing With Our Hands Tied


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Gaga - The Cure :selena:



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Gaga: Do What U Want. 

I assure you, if this song had been chosen as the 1st single from ARTPOP, it would have been #1 all over the world.

Catchy, sexy and 1st single? Success


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6 hours ago, Versace said:

Lady Gaga = Scheisse 


cause of death: gaga singing along perfect illusion on BBC Radio 1


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Gaga - Dancin’ in Circles (Remix) (ft. either Cardi B or Nicki Minaj)

Katy - Roulette

Taylor - Delicate

Demi - Daddy Issues



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