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3 hours ago, scallywally said:

What? Morphine or Opioids? Not really they would stop working after a while and youd need more and more, its lyrica (pregabalin) im on them, they wake me up more than anything. 

If she has opioids shed be on caffeine too. Its not a safe route. Good drs wouldnt really want to do that. She might have fatigue from the condition which is awful. Smoking weed could make her tired too but some say it helps. 

I hope to god if shes on Opioids she doesnt have any coke thats too scary to think about. 

Also think she wouldnt get insured or a contract for her shows. Mind you, I guess they get away with it they must be quite flexible other pop stars seem to. 

My friend is with Tapentadol (among another things) and cafeine too, yes. They’ll be careful with the addiction if Gaga have to take them. In my personal case she was with pregabalin too and it was so effective but it makes her forget about where she was and stuff like that.

My friend have highest grade of fibromyalgia + active Lupus so she really needs that.

I hope she get insured for possible future tours but I have the same thinkind that you have.. it’ll be difficult.

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