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Please help a Little Monster out at Operación Triunfo 2017 (Spain)

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Operación Triunfo is a Spanish TV reality/talent show. The contestans have music teachers and develop as artists, learning to make use of their talent. Every week, two people are nominated and only one of them (the most voted by the audience) stays one more week. 

In 2001, the first season was very important for the Spanish music industry: the finalists went to Eurovision and became stars in Spain and other countries (Rosa, David Bisbal, Chenoa, David Bustamante...)

The show lost popularity over the years and was cancelled, but it has come back and got a lot of followers. Specially because you can see the contestants 24/7 on YouTube:

There are 6 contestants left. Only five of them will go to the final. And those 5 will Also be competing to be the Spanish performer for Eurovision!!

The audience has now to vote to choose if they want Agoney or Ana to stay. Ana is a girl from the Canary Islands who has been shipped with another female contestant of OT (but she has a boyfriend). Agoney is a guy from the Canary Islands who has been shipped with another guy. In that sense, both have similar fanbases.

However, Ana fans have asked for the Camila fanbase to vote for her because she chose to sing Havana on Monday. She's not even a fan! But the fanbase is voting for her without even watching the show "because she made the sing popular in Spain" (which is false: it was already popular).


I'm here today to ask for you to vote for Agoney. He's openly gay, a little monster who has missed the Barcelona concerts because of Operación Triunfo and a real, talented artist with great vocal technique and dancing skills. He is also one of the three favourites of the audience to go to Eurovision, while Ana has little to no possibilities to go. Neither of them will win OT, but at least Agoney may go to Eurovision.

Here you have some of their most popular performances. Only vote for him if you really think he is better. I'm only asking because Ana fans asked for people to *blindly* vote for her and I think that's not fair.



You can vote for free once a day with each google account with this app:


Thank you in advance <3

Tl;dr: Vote for this cutie agoney_operacion_triunfo-655x368.jpg

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He's a little monster, can sing, dance, and he's cute? :oprah:

Yes yes yes I will vote :lolly:

Be My Baby background vocals from 2:54-3:00
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OMG YES! Please vote for him, he needs to get to the finals, so talented!

Check out my Million Reasons cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE5nmPJzV9U
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