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Posted a lot of Gaga covers over the years, please give it a listen!!! (AURA COVER IS MY FAV ?)  

My original song (also on iTunes & Google Play) 

Aww, I remember playing around in this thread (and others like it) years ago. It honestly inspired me to keep writing and singing, and I've even performed a few originals around campus. Time to t




Luke Burr is an amazing musician that has an opportunity of a lifetime - all he needs is a simple vote from you. Please follow this link and VOTE. 



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Started playing around cakewalk as a beginner tying with DAW's. Any tips and tricks would be great!

I've arranged and performed for years, so this is new but very fun. 

3 points in and ready for more
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Can I post someone else music here? I was written about me?

Scare them first, so they can’t scare you...
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Hi, I am an orchestra conductor, Warner music producer and little monster from Italy. I'd like to share my orchestra version of Stupid Love


Also I produced this orchestra medley of The Fame Monster, hope you enjoy! 


Everything could be everything (it could mean anything)
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This is my celebrity crush! Shirota-san! He's so handsome lol He looks like Tuxedo Mask, in fact, he played Tuxedo Mask in a Sailor Moon Musical one year... He's so goofy and kind! Here's him singing a Christmas song... The outfit he's wearing in this is kind of odd though lol Follow him on Instagram/Twitter! He's very famous in Japan...



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Finally managed to post some music after been wanting to for the last ten years lol. Please have a listen and a share would be so appreciated. 
thank you <3

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