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Lana Del Rey casting a spell on Trump

Lona Delery

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Hola Soraya

Maybe she can collab with Gaga. :stalkga: The Gaga curse is real and not to be ****ed with!  :gum:

¿Tú me estás hablando en inglés?
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2 hours ago, Helxig said:

Ha wow! This is so interesting. I never thought Lana would practise witchcraft. White magic I hope, unlike a certain someone whose name rhymes with lizzaliea tanks.

When fans broke into her home the only thing they really found was a book on Witchcraft, so it's pretty out there that she practices and believes in it which I love. Haha.

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I saw this mass spell cast thing on twitter yesterday. It was trending ☺️  I say do whatever you can at this point haha she looks gorgeous in that photo by the way 😍

Lets go take a howl at that moon🌙 -Crowley
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I sleep better knowing Lana and Gaga made peace. 

I'll lift you 3 inches off the ground and drag you to a meter and a half
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