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Lana Del Rey


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My exams are over, about to listen to the album for my first time!!! So excited!!!

The album is flawless, no wonder Interscope signed her. If this album get success, this could be nominated in Grammy 2013..

Can someone please link me to a download for Summertime Sadness and This is What Makes us Girls? My download keeps screwing up. It's very good so far! I'm on Dark Paradise.

I'm not quite sure if I'm sold on her yet. I like her voice and fashion sense, but so far her songs haven't really connected with me beyond "that was nice." I think it's because I've never been into the style of music she takes inspiration from, but that doesn't mean I'm not intrigued enough to want to check out her full-length when it comes out.

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I already made a thread but hey :redface:

She's flawless Yayo, pawn shop blues, raise me up, kill kill :worship:

Check the thread date. :P

IMO kill kill is the best song of hers.

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