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Bieber enraged. Refers people to Princess Diana's killer


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I don't like Bieber but he has a bit of a point. I remember there was a viral video posted a while back where Julia Roberts was scolding a pap for driving recklessly in front of a school. I think people were in the process of picking up their kids (like her) and there were children running around or something. Plus when the paparazzi are chasing a celeb neither are paying attention to their surroundings. If it's in a busy area (or a residential neighborhood) things could get very bad, very quickly. The paps should do their job safetly, or get a new job. I also think there needs to be laws in place for stalking. I also think that the magazines and other tabloid media need to be held accountable for their free lance "employees" (paps). Just my opinion.

However, I feel Bieber needs to be more mindful his driving as well. Hasn't he gotten in trouble for drag racing in residential neighborhoods?

This basically.

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