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A Star Is Born

The Fame has sold 101,000 units in the US this year / Slaying Dance/Electro

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nikola   Paws Up 1,801

Queen of longevity

I've got an "F" and a "C" and I got a "K" too And the only thing that is missing is a bitch like "U"


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Nuke   Paws Up 1,163

And people here underestimate The Fame saying it's her worst album full of filler songs...


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phantasmas   Paws Up 942
9 hours ago, PerfectCure said:

And they said pop was dead! :firega:

I really hope she does the right thing for LG6.

Pop is dead..

why do u think people are going back to a 10 year old album :laughga:

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Smother Em Eh   Paws Up 1,900
Smother Em Eh

And people thought Gaga and her debut album were forgotton? Legends only! What can I say? I’m proud of my Mother Monster! :golfclap:

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Stream Gaga’s discography on Spotify! Come on LM’s


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