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The Pussycat Dolls Turned Down the Lady Gaga Song ‘Just Dance

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RAMROD   Paws Up 29,670
2 minutes ago, soixont said:

I doubt Just Dance would have been as huge for PCD as for Gaga. They wouldn't be able to pull it off.

It'll probably have different sounds too, to make it sounds signature PCD-ish

happy smiles.//Весёлые улыбки.


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gagzus   Paws Up 8,331
22 hours ago, JustYouandI said:

Not really. She could have still written in ten minutes with redone and then when it was presented to the heads of the label, they could have pushed it towards PCD. Maybe it was intended to be Gaga's, then the label pushed towards PCD.

Her specific story was Troy and whomever was doing her PR when she was making her album were in the room when she was making the track and he heard it and said it was THE hit.

It was in a 2008 interview I believe where she has her bangs, a silver lightning bolt and a blue outfit on, she was interviewed in a studio whilst she was still making the album though

2012ga is my aesthetic


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