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monster78619   Paws Up 8,249
10 minutes ago, Sizzily said:

Diamond Heart - 10/10

A-YO - 6/10

Joanne - 8/10

John Wayne - 9/10

Dancin' in Circles - 7/10

Perfect Illusion - 8/10

Million Reasons - 7/10

Sinner's Prayer - 10/10

Come To Mama - 10/10

Hey Girl - 10/10

Angel Down - 10/10

For once, a Gaga album that is back-loaded instead of front-loaded. :sweat:

I unliked after seeing that low rating for DIC :air: 

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Feel free to send me money btw


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Sizzily   Paws Up 14,541
Just now, monster78619 said:

I unliked after seeing that low rating for DIC :air: 

7 is above average tho :ladyhaha:

I’d be damned if I’d go in; I’d had enough of all of them


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AmenTheNight   Paws Up 885

Diamond Heart : 9/10
This album's The Edge of Glory. It's such a powerful opener, a very modern track with a lot of retro rock influences. Great bridge, totally unique.

A-Yo : 8.5/10
An interesting mashup between pop, country and rock, a true bop, one of the biggest bops on the album. A bit too similar to MANiCURE and Shake It Off if I had to find its weaknesses, still an album highlight.

Joanne : 8/10
Finally a Gaga ballad that doesn't sound like the kind of ballad we would expect from her. Beautiful, simple, yet very thought out. I'm curious to hear what it would sound like with more piano, but the production is ON POINT. However, this one gets boring after a few plays.

John Wayne : 9/10
WOW, now that's a Gaga pop ROCK song. Surprising, a great hook, one of the best songs on the album. I love the laid back energy given through the whole song, and the electro/rock bridge is just heavenly. I love it. I doubt it would work as a single, but its quality is undeniable.

Dancin' In Circles : 10/10
Ugh, how I wish this was the lead single and released in July. A song right in the tropical trend, but very "Gaga pop", trendy yet different thanks to the guitars. A great beat, a TF/TFM voice throwback. I understand why a lot of people fell in love with it, this one sends us back to the classic Gaga that we fell in love with in 2008, but with a very modern song.

Perfect Illusion : 7.5/10
Chosing this song as the lead single was a huge mistake. The song as a whole is a good album track, but the lyrics are among the most repetitive on the album. Verses are weak musically and lyrics-wise. That being said, I love her singing-screaming style, the key change is audacious, pleasing and very refreshing, the bridge is once again really good. This song had so much potential as an album track, but needed more time for more AND better lyrics, a better structure, and a real buildup to the chorus (or an explosive chorus after "it was a perfect illusion").

Million Reasons : 10/10
The best ballad in her catalogue. She finally got it right with a ballad, I was waiting for this song since The Fame. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Melancholic, a great melody, displaying all the shades of her voice. A very sophisticated yet simple instrumental, just awesome.

Sinner's Prayer : 7/10
We're getting into the weaker part of the album. The studio version is way better to the live version, to begin with. It's a nice country pop sing along (probably the most country song on the album with A-YO), with very nice lyrics ... But I fear it might feel flat and overplayed very fast. This time, I'm not so fond of the high energy at the end of the song. I suspect a sample in the guitar riffs (?), I may be wrong though. Not my favorite, but I like it anyway, and I'm sure people will love it !

Come To Mama : 7/10
This one is so hard to rate. It's a guilty pleasure, but Imma be honest, the lyrics make me cringe. As a whole, this song sounds very retro, I hear Elton John and Beatles influences. And yes, it does sound like a christmas song. Despite all of this, it's hard to not sing along to this one, it's very catchy. It sounds like a very good song for a movie.

Hey Girl ft. Florence Welch : 6/10
Such a waste of talent on this song. Lyrics aren't very witty, the song drags on for too long, and is very very flat. I might end up loving it because of the great instrumental, but it's really not up to Florence's and Gaga's level. I can't figure how this song can work in live performances without Florence, I really don't want it on the tour if it's just Gaga singing all the lyrics or singing with the backing track. The song is cool and pretty fun, but yeah, nothing amazing.

Angel Down : 9/10
Sounds like a Lana Del Rey song, and that's a very good thing. Best lyrics on the album, awesome production, but I wish her voice was softer in some parts (like at the end of the song). Incredible song as a whole, it wouldn't work as a single, but it's definitely an album highlight.

Global Review : 8,2/10
As expected, Joanne delivered where she had to : vocals, instruments, and melodies. Her musical ear really improved since ARTPOP, she explored new genres and influences and overrall, it suits her very well. A very cohesive and solid body of work, that continues a journey through pop rock that she started with Born This Way. It's audacious, different from what people expect from her and from the current trends, and keeps a very pop heart through the whole album. If I had to compare with albums done by pop girls, Joanne would be standing in the middle of Ray of Light (for its very pure and mature style) and American Life (for the strong acoustic influences).

However, if the album shows really emotional, powerful and beautiful lyrics (Angel Down, Joanne, Million Reasons), some tend to be cringy and not so good (Perfect Illusion, Come To Mama, Hey Girl). The second weakness of the album would be that it could get tiring to hear her scream so often in her songs - personally I love it for now, but we'll see how it stands the test of time.

To conclude, Joanne shows that it's now silly to try to rank her albums, as it would make no sense to compare the dark greatness of The Fame Monster with the artistic universe of Born This Way, and the unique blonde icon following a self-fulfilled prophecy from The Fame with the grown rock lover that is Joanne. ARTPOP was a good pop album filled with bops, but this album proves that Gaga is no longer a trend follower : she's now taking a new turn in her career and will keep on redefining what's POP for her at the moment. And that's what her career seems to be aiming for : to always redefine what is POP, without ever making it "low, brow".

Potential singles : Million Reasons, Diamond Heart, A-Yo, Dancin In Circles

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lilmonster2424   Paws Up 87

Diamond Heart - 10/10

A-YO - 8/10

Joanne - 9/10

John Wayne - 10/10

Dancin' in Circles - 10/10

Perfect Illusion - 8/10

Million Reasons - 9/10

Sinner's Prayer - 7/10

Come To Mama - 8/10

Hey Girl - 7/10

Angel Down - 10/10

I NEED Diamond Heart, John Wayne, and Dancin' in Circles to be singles. Honestly I think John Wayne has the potential to become BR/PF iconic. It is infectious, that beat :giveup:

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Redstreak   Paws Up 6,486

So far the only two songs I use wholeheartedly are Diamond Heart and Come to Mama. Every other song suffers from being a mixed bag. Either they have flat verses and good choruses or good verses and uneventful chorus.



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Take a moment to think of just flexibility, love, and trust~


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Rockets   Paws Up 1,807



I'm sorry ARTPOP I still love you :lana::unicorn:


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The only girl I've ever loved was born with roses in her eyes


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Rocket Number 9   Paws Up 1,275
Rocket Number 9

Time for my review :woot:

1) Diamond Heart: I gotta say at first I skipped that song because the snippet didn't give me a good impression :diane:Glad I was wrong. It's a great start to the album and it could have worked as the lead single, too

2) A-Yo: One of my favourites since the Bud Light performance. The lyrics and the melody are everything :giveup: The only flaw is the song is kinda slow compared to the live version, but I'll get used to it. Potential single!

3) Joanne: The second time I listened to this song I felt my mother was hugging me. Gaga's voice is innocent and pure, and the lyrics are light, but the meaning behind those cute words is dark (loved it)

4) John Wayne: That spoken intro made my weave reach the extratrosphere :diane: The song is the most electronic one in the album, the instrumental is flawless and it's ending is sick. The only fault is that is too short. Potential Single!

5) Dancin' in Circles: Such a good song :giveup: Everything about it give me TFM teas - it's lyrics, the melody, even her voice. It sound like Dance in the Dark lost child. Potential Single!

6) Perfect Illusion: great song with no reason to hate. It deserves its place on the album and shouldn't be dragged. Her voice is pure and raw and the instrumental is fantastic. 

7) Million Reasons: cute ballad with strong vocals. Lyric-wise, Gaga and Hillary did a great job together and the song itself is a good transition from the crazy melodies of PI to the calm-paced Sinner's Prayer.

8) Sinner's Prayer: One of the highlights of the album. The guitar on this song is fenomenal and catchy, her voice sounds heavenly and the lyrics are great. The only thing I missed was the "I am the fire" verse from last year. Potential Single!

9) Come to Mama: Highlight Alert!!!!!! Wasn't expecting very much from it judging by the snippet but I'm glad I was wrong. This song kinda reminds of Fashion! though. Her voice was pretty, the lyrics are so hopefullt and cute and the sax on the background made everything better. Surprinsigly, potential single!

10) Hey Girl: The only song I listened from Florence before was Sweet Nothing, and her voice was amazing - just like in this duet. Gaga and Florence's voice sound heavenly together, like they're complementing each other. (Not like some *cof* Do What U Want collab with *cof* another female *cof* that sounds like they're fighting for high notes *cof*)

11) Angel Down: Great ballad. Gaga + RedOne lyrics are AMAZING and they're truly a songs powerhouse. The production is great (especially the end, with the doll house-like tune)

That's it! My impressions from 3 full listens at the moment.

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maxxx   Paws Up 50

1. Diamond Heart- 7.5/10, an overall good song, I looove the "one five ten a million" part and the pre-chorus too so naturally the snippet had me hyped. However, its not as great as i thought it would be. Production is kinda weak in the verses. Although I do love the guitar, the verse production is in the same grey area that PI's production was for me. Lyrics are good tho. :rockstar:

2. A-YO- 8/10, ok I LOVE it. Based off the performance and snippet, I thought i would hate this one bc of the pretty basic rock-blues (snoozefest) chord progression but the production is KILLER. So surprised. And its still growing on me. I love her attitude and I think it would make a great single, although not my first choice. :classy:

3. Joanne- 10/10, So raw and beautiful. Love the acoustic guitar and her vocals are possibly her best on the album, really sweet and honest sounding. And then the strings come in and it gets even better. Truly, a gem. :giveup:

4. John Wayne- 10/10, YASSSS GAGA This song makes me wanna have freaky cowboy sex and RIDE that horse. For real tho, the production is PERFECT. Everything- Intro, verses, chorus, bridge... all amazing. HUGE single potential. A radio ready western bop that is unlike anything I've ever heard. She did it first y'all (Ok, maybe Grimes, with California), remember that. Baby let's get highhhhh. I get madonna vibes from the bridge and I'm living. :fthis:

5. Dancin In Circles- 100000/10, I feel like i have been waiting for this song my whole life. The production is FLAWLESS. It is a jungle sex bop with those latin guitar strums i looooooove. Orgasmic. Reminds me of Alejandro but mixed with Madonna's La Isla Bonita. Production reminds me a bit of grimes style, like glitchy/sample-ly but not out of place at all. I would **** this song if i could. Been on repeat for an hour. FUNK ME DOWNTOWN. I need a freaky vid with her like dancing around some fire under palm trees, in body paint and sleazy choreo. :saladga:

6. Perfect Illusion- 5/10, I've always had a bit of a problem with this one. The verses are ok, pretty standard but still very good. That chorus is a hot mess though, like the production is a horrid, drowned out mess. The guitars aren't tasteful hear and the drums are lost in the mix. On top of that her vocals too loud and shouty. I like the background vocals on the bridge (more madonna teas) but they are too quiet. I'm sure it goes hard live but it sounds like a demo. Plus the cringey "perfect illusion, somewhere in all this conclusion"...:/

7. Million Reasons- 7/10, It's cute and slowly growing on me. Kinda basic but she pulls it off really well. Not my kinda track but MR over Dope ANY day. I love the final chorus. Not single material imo but I can't really see anyone disliking it I guess. ;)

8. Sinner's Prayer- 7/10, Again, cute and slowly growing on me. It's so western and I really like the first verse. Lyrics are good too. I feel like i gotta be in a certain mood to really enjoy this one. It's decent and pretty much how I expected it to sound after watching the performance. I do wish the chorus was a little punchier but at the same time I think there is a charm about how low-key it is. Low-key tragic screaming in last chorus tho. :sweat:

9. Come to Mama- 6/10, One of the weaker tracks. Noting special production wise and for what it is, it is a bit long. The instrumentation is lack luster but I loooove the lyrics and meaning. Filler for sure, can't see it growing on me but it isn't bad. :wacko:

10. Hey Girl- 5/10, So I like the synths and I like the guitar but something just doesn't work. It doesn't really go anywhere and Flo's vocals aren't anything special here. I guess I just feel like they could have come up with something soooo much better. Could be the worst on the album. It has a good message but its so damn repetitive. Reminds me of Benny and The Jets and that song depresses me so :nails:

11. Angel Down- 10/10, this is a holy hymn and I want it played at my funeral. The production is soft and sweet but really interesting, bet someone else would have just used piano and called it a day. The lyrics are so beautiful and pure. Perfect album closer as well. I think the outro might be my favorite part. Yasss Gaga, make me believe in God :giveup:

Overall, that comes out to a 7/10 for me (DIC as an 11), really good album with some very very high highs and some pretty weak spots. I think I would only rank it behind TFM in terms of albums but it's so different. Nothing really hit me like Mary Jane Holland (DIC came very close) but then again, we have never heard anything like Joanne or Angel Down from Gagz before and those are holy bops. Good job, Joanne :music:


and yes, I will fight a bish


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drew   Paws Up 17

BTW > TFM > TF > Joanne => ARTPOP 

I had high hopes for the album based on who she was working with. Needless to say it seems like she didn't really use Florence, Ronson, Kevin, or Beck to their full potential at all, which is very dissapointing seeing as she probably won't work with them again.


Diamond Heart is kinda unremarkable and sounds like it comes from the cheesiness of BTW's worst half as well as gives me bad Bonnie McKee teas. Shouting is off-putting.

A-yo is good enough, the verses are catchy but the chorus is just there and is pretty much the same hook as one of MANiCURE's. Not really a favorite.

Joanne I think is the standout track of the album, the 'girl where do you think you're going' line is sung beautifully. Verses are kinda boring and flat.

Don't get the John Wayne praise. It's basically MJH's older sister.... slightly more mature but pretty much the same. Lyrics are bad and I think the chorus is abrupt, don't like her continuous shouting once again.

I wanted to like Dancing In Circles based off the snippet... and it's not bad but once again very unremarkable. It's a tad over produced and uses the same familiar chorus build up that she did with ARTPOP, I wish the song had a different structure 

Perfect Illusion strangely sounds better in the context of the album (?) but it's still a really weak track

Million Reasons is about as safe and boring as you an get for a ballad, her voice doesn't elevate the song like it should

My second favorite track is probably Sinners Prayer, it doesn't invoke total cheesiness or faux country like some of the other songs. Wish the bass part wasn't so soft, sounds better live

Idk what to think of Come To Mama. Just kinda there. I like the sound she was going for but there isn't anything special about the vocal

Hey Girl totally teases you with that nice groovy synth... cuz the song just goes nowhere. One of the most repetitive tracks when it has no right to be considering she has a feature. Speaking of Florence, not a good look when you get out-sung on your track lol.

Angel Down is a really disappointing ballad. Borderline "dope vocals" and like Hey Girl the track just lingers and lacks a real moment or hook. Production works well though.


Overall a 6/10 album, I think. Don't see the critics being too kind unfortunately :S Can't decide if ARTPOP or Joanne is better, Joanne is definitely less messy but I think ARTPOP had a few more standouts.


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Diamond Heart - 9/10

A-YO - 8.5/10

Joanne - 8.5/10

John Wayne - 10/10

Dancin' In Circles - 10/10

Perfect Illusion - 8.5/10

Million Reasons - 10/10

Sinner's Prayer - 9/10

Come To Mama - 8.5/10

Hey Girl - 9/10

Angel Down - 10/10

OVERALL: 9/10 (my favorite to least-favorite - BTW, Joanne, TFM, ARTPOP, TF)



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KaanBTW   Paws Up 4,429

Diamond Heart - 8/10

A-YO - 8/10

Joanne - 8/10

John Wayne - 9/10

Dancin' in Circles - 10/10

Perfect Illusion - 8,5/10

Million Reasons - 8,5/10

Sinner's Prayer - 9/10

Come To Mama - 8/10

Hey Girl - 9/10

Angel Down - 10/10


After first listen, here is my ranking. Probably it will change but whatever.

I would go with DIC as a first single.

She has to release a ballad as a single sooner or later. (Angel Down made me cry and bit dissapointed about Joanne, maybe hyped too much)

Her vocals are amazing. I am very glad she is able to show her vocals through the album. If she serves same vocals live during Hey Girl, i will officially scalped. 

Very satisfied after first listen. Let's go and listen again. 



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defectds   Paws Up 11

a slightly more critical review lol


(i legit use the star rating system because i have a smart playlist filters out anything below 4 stars when i just want to listen to all my **** on shuffle)

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MonsterVlad   Paws Up 788

1. Diamond Heart 6/10

Not a big fan of this song, I don't know why. Well, it's not bad.

2. A-YO 9/10

I was not a big fan of it after Dive Bar perfomance, but studio version sounds amazing! "Blow it your face" and "A-YO, we smokin' em all" lines stuck in my head.

3. Joanne 8/10

It's a beautiful song :wub:

4. John Wayne 10/10

Best song on the album! This intro will sound  amazing on the radio. I like her voice in the verses, it sounds so different, if you play me only the first line "3 am, mustang speedin'" I will probably say that it's not Gaga :emma: Instrumental outro is something from another world, I love it sooo much. Should be a single :giveup:

5. Dancin' In Circles 10/10

Another fave. I like synths and the beat so much. Her adlibs over "Tap down those boots..." ans her scream are everything :excited2:

6. Perfect Illusion 10/10

I love this song since day 1. It was very weird to hear that sound from Gaga at first. I'm loosing my mind everytime I hear that part at 2:07 (AaaaaAaaaaaAaaaa, it was a perfect illusion...), so powerful :firega:

7. Million Reasons 7/10

Just a good ballad. Her voice is so powerful here, I like it. Won't be happy if it will be single tbh.

8. Sinner's Prayer 9/10

I hate country so ****ing much, but som magic happened here, I like this song so much. It's so light... "I get on my knees and beg you" part is amazing.

9. Come to Mama 6/10

Not a big fan of it, I like the lyrics, but I just don't like very much that sound.

10. Hey Girl 6/10

Again, not a big fan, probably set my expectation too high for it. It's a nice song, but those synths I swear to John Wayne :saladga: Also I don't like how their voices sound together at 2:40.

11. Angel Down 10/10

Absolutely surprised by this song. Finally a Speechless-level ballad or even better.


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