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    I think we ALL wore the Thierry Mugler corset
  2. 45 points
    She was just teasing how she was going to sign LG6 signed cds
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    ATRL insider Blade just said a new MV is coming is it Free Woman? thoughts
  5. 33 points
    This is impressive considering how the song was a promo single back in November and peaked at 17 at that time. It got released as a single finally this year and climbed to #1, the POWER! A post-album fourth single did THAT Also remember this? It turned out to be a joke and the people who started it got dragged Billie also debuts at #6 Sad news: Chris Brown now has another top ten in 2020
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    A warning to all the bitter monsters in here : whichever the song the video is for, let’s embrace it and be grateful. There isn’t a single dud song on the album, any would be a good choice despite if it’s the popular choice or not.
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    I hate negative threads especially if it's about Gaga and her art but even though I love Free Woman, it is the WORST song on Chromatica besides 1000 Doves. I don't think it will be as successful as previous singles. This album is full of potential hits but Free Woman is not one of them imo. I didn't make this thread to spread negativity but to understand the hype behind it. Can someone explain why do you think Free Woman should be a single? (Again, I love Free Woman but not as much as the rest of the album)
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    maybe his coochie hurts, and he's saying "my v*g"
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    After Gaga, Céline Dion wore the corset from Thierry Mugler!!! This is the Behinde-the-scene from this photoshoot!
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  11. 22 points
    Well wbk at least one MV is coming. The question is when Next week? Next month? Next year?
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    more like after Beyonce* but iconic nonetheless. She looks great
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    We're very lucky, and I truly believe we stan a very rare artist. Someone who's been able to go through so much pain and still deliver amazing things throughout her career. And this is only the moment we know about those things. Can you believe all the chaos that was going through her mind before coming clean with her issues? And yet she turned all that chaos into magic. With this I just wanted to remind you what it takes for someone who suffers from PTSD, has fibromyalgia and takes antipsychotics to stay on board. Many others would have retired already. But this lady decided to keep giving us some amazing music and some important life lessons. That we should appreciate. So yeah, just a thought. And a reminder of how brilliant is the artist you stan.
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    No because the new song is not nominated. It will only bring publicity to Gaga and boost Rain on Me's vote. It will only be a competition when both songs are nominated and voters are torn between which one to vote for.
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    ☑️ Vocals ☑️ Ear worm ☑️ Emotion ☑️ Never the same ☑️ Totally unique It’s actually not up for debate. 1000 Doves is the best song on Coronamatica and non-believers should repent for their sins NOW.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/trump-mount-rushmore-kristi-noem-south-dakota-022146280.html Would you be here for it?
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  21. 16 points
    Joanne winning best pop solo
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    Apparentely fans discovered a record-breaking achievement of Lorde: that she is the first artist in history to be inactive on Twitter for more than 999 days (counting deleted tweets and photographs). However, they are probably counting only major artists that debuted after Twitter and have sizeable followings so take it with a graint of salt.. We are currently on the 1000th day.
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    Free Woman is the typical song that gaga herself loves, but nobody else does. like A-YO.
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    Nothing will work from the album, even if it's Alice or 911. Even though SC with a music video can easily overstream SL and ROM
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    Inb4 it's Sour Candy MV. I will die. The blinks will die.
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    Teary Eyes serving me very "healing through dance and sound"
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    Stop making the same comment on every thread. THIS ALBUM IS A MASTERPIECE.
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    More scans of the vinyl on my website: https://www.ladygagaxcollection.com/the-fame-monster/the-fame-monster-deluxe-edition-vinyl
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    another countdown bites the dust
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    “Teary Eyes” “Cry About It Later” - Katy also showed off some of the Kerch including a clown nose, “Smile” face mask and cassette tape. “Resilient”
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    All I ever hear on the radio anymore is Watermelon Sugar and Rain on Me And I'm happy about it
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    Sounds like a good PR move
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    It can be the worst song to you, but it's very GP-friendly and radio can eat it up. It's the safest choice for the next single
  35. 13 points
    Well, you are entitled to your wrong opinion
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  37. 13 points
    She doesn't have to give explanations about what and why she does things tho If she wants her in HER video, she can do it lol I don't get all the hate Kylie receives
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    The only bottoms I rank are on Grindr
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    Inspired by @eeaarrllaalloo, I'm starting a countdown until Gaga's next music video for Chromatica. May the best song win!
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    This is a clip from a new interview, and I think we all know who she's talking about
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    Stupid Love, a solo Gaga song that leaked 1 month before being released, debuting at #5. Sadly it was pulled from radio pretty early, but it spent 10 weeks on the Hot 100 and has over 170M streams on Spotify.
  42. 12 points
    (spoiler: it was decided that "Covid" is a feminine noun)
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    As we know, Gaga's vocal prime was the C2C tour and the JWT. I found a clip on Twitter, kinda like a fanmade DVD, of her doing the bridge of LoveGame and she hits a high note for her! She has a lower voice and she was able to hit an F5. In layman's terms, that's just a fairly high note. For context, the highest note that she sings on Chromatica is a tone lower and she sings it in head voice. In this clip she's either doing a really healthy belt or a very strong mix - either way it sounds completely effortless! I always forget how good she can sound when she's up that high in her register. This is the same tour that she hit a G5 in Applause! You can hear the high F5 on the last '...a game!' before the final chorus.
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    As I said before, institutionalized religion is disgusting in every form. Yes, even the "peaceful" forms. There is no peace apart from personal peace with religion. It is simply not possible.
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    Well in terms of relatability and radio consumption, it's probably the song with the easiest to translate theme to radio. That said, there's really nothing remarkable about it that would make it perform well on the radio and after the exceptional rain on me, it would just bomb as badly as GUY.
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    maybe it's the Rain On Me video that the 'insiders' told us about, where Gaga finds Ariana in a cave
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  49. 12 points
    Apparently it was approved and they've already started carving it. Some pics have leaked:
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    Free Woman Free Skip Skipped Woman
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