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    "had gone off the deep end" Shallow getting that promo
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    Most played songs on Spotify in 2019: 1. 7 rings (899m) 2. Sunflower (885m) 3. bad guy (881m) 4. Senorita: (847m) 5. Old Town Road (734m) 6. Wow. (710m) 7. I Don't Care (688m) 8. Con Calma (663m) 9. Shallow (640m) 10. Someone You Loved (609m) OUT: thank u next
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    Vegas Residency — Average Gross per Show: Lady Gaga: $1,475,000 Elton John: $690,000 Celine Dion: $650,000 Britney Spears: $550,000 Gwen Stefani: $496,000 Cristina Aguilera: $474,000 Cher: $472,000 Jennifer Lopez: $350,000
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    Cheek to Cheek is those butterscotch candies that old ladies keep in tin cans
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    I see she finally managed to log in via her typewriter.
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    Bitch take my wig already That cover is a serve
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    I knew it was so good that she wasn't going to make it a single as usual
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    I lost hope on her, she will never change. Just compare her first unreleased album to her whole career afterwards. That means she can be different, but why she is keeping the same style again and again?
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    i’m kinda scared she’s going to become the next cher of twitter. two weeks from now she’s going to tweet “goodnight im 🍞”
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    How is it appropriation tho? Merely Putting on clothes isnt appropriation baby girl,The stupidity that the internet endorses is just beyond me .
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    Yeah, this is definitely cultural misappropriation. Her stylist or herself just thought it looked good and probably didn’t bother to do research about the cultural meaning this particular outfit has. PSA: Other cultures may have actual meaningful reasons to wear certain outfits and don’t just wear them for promo shoots and later discard said outfit.
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    katy’s been pretty unproblematic the last couple years. ion mean necessarily just in terms of political correctness, but in general. no drama, no cattiness, no meltdowns, she’s just tryna be a better person and put out music that makes her happy i appreciate her for what she’s doin we WILL be streaming, and we WILL be hoping it’s as good as Never Really Over
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    Didn’t know TFM had 11 tracks, I can only hear 8. Where can I hear the rest?
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    no one: little monsters trying to be creative w comments on Taylor's post: "Madame X is Taylor Swift Madame X is Fearless Madame X wants to Speak Now Madame X loves the colour Red Madame X was born in 1989 Madame X has a Reputation Madame X is a Lover"
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    I find howard to be really creepy and I'm surprised no one has cancelled him yet
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    That mugshot is gonna give her another career reviving meme. we stan .
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    That's what Gaga would've said
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    Spotify Sweden #31 (+4) Shallow (+2 compared to last week) #65 (+6) Always Remember Us This Way (+4) 55 (+7) SOS (-4)
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    Lady Gaga: my fans think everything is cryptic Also Lady Gaga: F. LG6 is gonna be called Adele. Today is a new day. Look back but don’t stare.
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    Remember when Paris, Nicole and Lindsey were getting DUIs every other day? I miss those times.
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    Hopefully we get: - Born This Way face prosthetics (if they are still accessible) - Yoü & I Mermaid Tale - The ICONIC Teal Wig - Jeff Koons Gazing Ball used for ARTPOP - The Judas Lipstick Gun - The OG Fame Glasses - The Bad Romance Spherical Accessory (See spoilers if you don't know what I mean) - The Countess Glove - The BTW Vessel from the 2011 Grammys
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    I edited my comment literally 10 seconds after posting it wow We don't need them to tell us who the good and bad guys are. But I'm sure a good guy wouldn't make this kind of video or even shut up about it when it is literally playing in the conference you're hosting. You do know that silence isn't the best strategy in this case, right? This video literally promotes homicide, it's not a joking matter nor a thing you can "ignore because otherwise you're promoting it". Do you know what's better than ignoring it for that reason? Saying, plain and simple, that you don't agree with its message. There you go, six words. It can even be said in fewer words. That would've been a lot, a lot better than what Trump and Trump Jr. are doing right now. And it's not crazy to think they actually think this video is great, since we don't lack evidence to think so. Take a seat please. You're getting very annoying with your mental gymnastics.
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    "Like ya'll should really think about the nature and all. It's like soooo beautiful here when I flew here with my private jet and it's just like... Oh! Please think of the nature!"
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    Thought this was gonna be ‘Mother Monster’.
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    This is all one big stan war, and you’re deluding yourself if you think otherwise. This is The People vs the Hollywood media machine. You’ve been brainwashed by Hollywood, currently bleeding and eating itself.
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    Haters to the left, bye. I'm so ready for this! I loved NRO, wasn't really feeling ST, but hopefully this will slay
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    Wow consider my hype dead and in the trash bin if that's the case I hope it smashes though just so I can hear KP on the radio again and so they play I Don't Care once an hour as opposed to once every 20 minutes
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    I think Joanne was the appetizer to ASIB
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    I heard you already Now let me drag you through the mud
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    I forgot my account information for that site.
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    @ImMatt come to Mexico. We love you. Come to my house. I can prepare tacos.
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    @ImMatt is Dinner ft Adele happening after all?
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    Funny considering how @ImMatt asked about it earlier today
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    It’s pretty much like “we are westerns and we know better than you” which is even worst. The strongest group tells the weak group how to feel and like pointing to their intelligent that “this is offensive for you, so be offended” and they don’t even care if the weak says otherwise or they tell them that they are wrong.
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    ... and literally nobody was surprised at all to read this comment
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    She'll never flop
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    Something big happened during this week, you'll find it out in a while Week 40 (104th overall) 27/09-3/10/2019 NE - New Entry RE - Re-entry (-) Loses spots (+) rises spots (=) remains stable 40. NE Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart Peak: 40 Weeks on Chart: 1 Last Week: - Points This Week: 12u (24u) 39. RE Dido - Give You Up Pk: 21 WoC: 6 LW: - Pts: 12u (129u) 38. RE Lana Del Rey - Cinnamon Girl Pk: 2 WoC: 4 LW: - Pts: 12u (125u) 37. RE Lana Del Rey - California Pk: 7 WoC: 4 LW: - Pts: 12u (108u) 36. NE Zara Larsson - All The Time Pk: 36 WoC: 1 LW: - Pts: 12u (35u) 35. NE Idina Menzel - Let It Go Pk: 35 WoC: 1 LW: - Pts: 12u 34. NE FKA twigs - Figure 8 Pk: 34 WoC: 1 LW: - Pts: 12u 33. RE The Distillers - Coral Fang Pk: 29 WoC: 2 LW: - Pts: 13u (65u) 32. (+) Kirsten Arian - Risk Pk: 32 WoC: 2 LW: 33 Pts: 13u (26u) 31. NE Felix Jaehn - Never Alone Pk: 31 WoC: 1 LW: - Pts: 13u 30. NE Take A Daytrip feat. Jesse - Louis Pk: 30 WoC: 1 LW: - Pts: 13u 29. NE CAPITAL BRA - 110 Pk: 29 WoC: 1 LW: - Pts: 13u 28. NE Ruelle - What Dreams Are Made Of Pk: 28 WoC: 1 LW: - Pts: 13u 27. NE Severina - Tutorial Pk: 27 WoC: 1 LW: - Pts: 13u 26. NE Little Jinder - Super 8 Pk: 26 WoC: 1 LW: - Pts: 13u (32u)
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    Basically this, when I was a huge Kpop nerd, I used to watch all those shows that had those trainees, and how they literally had to fit in certain criteria to be selected and picked up by a company. And even if they got selected most of their eras and albums were built for them by their companies, they are all like robots and I feel so sorry for them
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    Honey please. It was not about her Christian faith. It was generic about prayer. She didn't say Jesus or anything. The video has a cross for like 2 seconds. No one heard MR and thought "this is a Christian song". You tried.
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    Ok instead of debating appropriation vs not let's just say it's a disrespectful way to wear this particular piece of clothing. To wear it like Princess Leia-lite is the exact opposite of its intention that's a bit ignorant and kind of tasteless imo. I'm not saying she's the devil incarnate or a racist, but this was just an ignorant mistake. They happen because, who knew, we aren't beings with unlimited wells of knowledge. Good incident to acknowledge, good to move on, too.
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    That “pocket change” is more than he will ever receive before losing the nomination
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    This was shown at the Pro Trump American Priority Conference, hosted at Trump’s National Doral Miami golf resort in Florida.
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    Thank God Adele is coming to stop Señorita in its tracks
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    I wouldn’t admit this in public. Look him up, you might be surprised at the songs you know from him.
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    trash same as when i listen to it now i dont understand its a fan favorite
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    Telephone was about to surpass Judas on Youtube, but Judas is now getting more views Judas - 66,089 Telephone - 56,174 Talent always wins
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