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    Jeffree, James and Tati all ruining each other's careers at the same time
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    What has age got to do with it? I never mentioned it. No one is mentioning it but you lol They're saying the SONG is bad...
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    What a great defense
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    Well it sounded horrible and rappers aren't singers
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    but rappers use auto tune all the time and no one has anything against it.. But when Madonna uses it then it's something awful..
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    Spotify mid-day: Shallow: 647,069,779 (+2,283,052) ARUTW: 227,082,800 (+831,769) Shallow with a bigger midday than 6/7 Tyler The Creator tracks and Homicide, so will easily return to the top 20.
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    Eurovision has always been a political event tho.
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    Me coming to this thread expecting a defense
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    WW Spotify: #17 (+7) Shallow: 2,231,754 (Up from 2,188,877 last Saturday) Brazil Spotify: #9 (=) Shallow: 371k (+17k)
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    Madame ❌ is deaf according to that dreadful performance
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    If you're not interested then don't go into the thread about it There are tens of other threads per day that may interest you, just go to those and get involved and the ones you're not interested in will fade away in your mind
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    Don’t worry Haus Laboratories is here to “Stop the Drama and Start the Make Up”
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    What's up with the logo talk? It's literally the logo of Haus Of Gaga that's been used since 2008/9....
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    I think people are being very hard on Madonna's Eurovision performance. Yes, she can be tacky, out of tune, autotuned, rude, kind of fake, obsessed with religion, shady, repetitive, a trend follower, an opportunist, among other things. But her performance had a purpose. She wanted to bring light to a political situation where many people are suffering and that's what she did. And she should be praised for that.
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    Thank you for producing and co-writing my favorite song ever Red One
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    So why is she trying to?
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    I cannot stand his voice omfg
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    Can we talk about “put your hAAAnds up” and then the rock-ish growls that follow. Joanne World Tour definitely served her best live pop vocals ever. The ad-libs and vocal additions to Poker Face and Alejandro are unparalleled
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    116 +25 Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (From A Star Is Born/Live From The Oscars) 1,205,060
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    YouTube Brazil: 5 NEW Lady Gaga - Shallow (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) 1,060,883 Up from ~400k the day before. + Album: A Star Is Born Soundtrack iTunes: #1 Brazil (NE)
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    Maybe she should’ve dragged her stylist instead for letting her go out looking like a literal circus act.
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    Me: This whole feud is so immature. We need to stop making these people famous! Jeffree Star: I have receipts Me:
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    Give it a rest, she is 60. She doesn’t need to perform like she is 25
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    Omg she thanked Madonna’s autotuned shes not safe ....
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    LG6 store confirmed, get ready liddos
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    All these straight people don't understand what it's like to be gay and fall for people who will never want you back. It's not like it's something we want or choose. And yeah you could say I suppose that straight women might fall for gay men sometimes etc. But it's not to the same extent when the vast majority of the population is hetero. Idk I'm not making my point truly clear but her "concern" bothers me a bit.
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    Shallow iTunes: #4 Australia (+14)
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    On the mediatraffic’s all time chart, Shallow surpasses Born This Way. BTW : 6.626.000 points Shallow : 6.662.000 points Shallow is now only behind Just Dance (7.935.000 points), Bad Romance (8.874.000 points) and Poker Face (9.840.000 points) as Gaga’s biggest WW hits. by the fat cat @Miaou
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    I love the HAUS OF GAGA logo, timeless, sleek and iconic
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    The Cure lyric video is SHOOK
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    Ugh I really don’t like her response... she seems to be making a problem out of gay guys having a crush on a ‘straight’ guy Like what’s the problem with a guy attempting to flirt with another guy to see if they’re interested? (As long as they know they’re single). I’ve known guys who were ‘straight’ until they met the right guy... It feels like she’s still trying to take an issue with him
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    Her criticism isn't about the autotune, but about the horrible off-key performance of Like a Prayer before the autotune kicked in. That's why she's thankfull for it. To be honest, the performance was really bad
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    FREE BRITNEY update: out with sam for dinner that day too
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    A reminder that Joe G tweeted this 2 days ago He has disappeared and yet to answer any question. Well, at least now we know where she got it from
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    omg that too ethereaaaaallllll uhhh uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh uuhhhhhhhhh uuuhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh I think the neighbors would call the police if I did that.
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    I assumed they where going to blame her vocals on “sound issues” lol.
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    I screamed at her paradox post I’m not entirely sure I agree with her stating that gay guys having straight crushes is problematic. All gay guys have em and experience those conflicting interests. In James’ defense, he probably just came across one of this guy’s social media posts in a discover page and wanted to compliment him. Problematic would be James knowing Zara, knowing her relationship status, knowing the guys orientation, and still trying to hit on him. That would be more of a case suited to the word “problematic” Respect to Zara though. She did correct herself and she’s offering her support.
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    That’s the most backhanded defense I’ve ever seen. I hope you’re not a lawyer.
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    Drag Race, GOT, and THIS. UGH! THE MATERIAL GIRL. THE NON-STOP ENTERTAINMENT I cANNOt be MoRE thaNKful. Ok am I horrible for finding the whole Tati, James, Juanito drama entertaining? yes BUT common they are spoon feeding the gays now. Bibs anyone
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    addressing all the issues without all the BS baits for sympathy. kween. edit: watched it and called it. tati manipulated a simple consentual hookup with predatory allegations. all you guys bullying him bc he has an annoying voice/fem/whatever are gross just like her and that is that and jeffree has already been a literal trash surrounded by diseased flies after he called a black influencer a gorilla and never even attempt to address it. he's beyond canceled at this point. edit2: and he literally is being BULLIED by those fame chasing adults and some of you still said all 3 of them are at fault.. i dont get it. i really don't like what is his fault? he literally didn't start this and it's still his fault?
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    Joanne literally didn't age lol. It's an analogue album. Like, these albums don't age. 20 years later, it'll sound like the classic it is
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    Buy a ticket to see The TimIsAMonster Ball...
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