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    Can we talk about “put your hAAAnds up” and then the rock-ish growls that follow. Joanne World Tour definitely served her best live pop vocals ever. The ad-libs and vocal additions to Poker Face and Alejandro are unparalleled
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    Give it a rest, she is 60. She doesn’t need to perform like she is 25
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    The Cure lyric video is SHOOK
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    Official Swiss Charts #7 ARUTW (=) 32 weeks 2nd week at its peak! #10 Shallow (-6) 33 weeks shallow's lowest position ever on the chart Shallow has almost spent a 2/3 year in the top 10
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    Maybe it’ll be more than Haus Beauty? Oh the possibilities. If I went in I don’t think I’d ever leave.
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    Her performance is happening right now on Eurovision I'm watching live. I love Madonna but have to agree with everyone that is saying it's lacklustre and just so off key and horrible! #Madonna is treading here in the UK and on Facebook people are saying how bad the song is. I wish she had performed a better song. Future just isn't it.
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    Decided to re edit this thread to just be a Michelle Phan appreciation thread. She is lovely and she is missed on the YouTube platform, especially now. If you have any memories from watching her videos, leave them in the thread below. I remember watching her old Lady Gaga tutorials and her mini short film narratives that she would put in some of her tutorials. I remember one in particular called “The Sweetest Thing” and I would watch it over and over (I’m not sure if she deleted it or not). She just has such a magical quality about her and she puts that into her content and I miss that charm and originality that early YouTubers had. It’s become so saturated with garbage and I long for when creators can start to make content like that again. I miss it.
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    The Queen has arrived. My first music megarate is here and it's the woman who needs no introduction... We're ratings a selected singles discography of Yoncé's. She's given us absolute tunes including gems like 'Baby Boy', 'Run the World' and the politically-charged 'Formation'. This is YOUR time to declare which Beyoncé single you love more than any other. Which will win? Make your vote now - check the rules below and see the tracklist! Anyone is welcome to participate - tag people who you think may enjoy this megarate! RULES: 1. Rate the songs from 1-10 2. You can use 11 once and 0 once only if you wish 3. You can use decimals 4. I'd love to hear your reasoning for your scores if you wish to share them  5. Message me your rate 6. The deadline is on Sunday 7th July at 12PM BST and the ceremony will take place on Sunday 7th July at around 5PM BST 7. If you don't know a song, just put a ?, if you don't multiple songs please don't participate on this occasion as this can make bias results * This megarate will only go forward if there are enough participants. TRACKLIST TAGLIST - WHO MAY BE INTERESTED YET TO SEND RATINGS PARTICIPANTS
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    September 2016, the fanbase is in shock. At the end of Perfect Illusion, some fans started to hear a fart noise, whereas the others didn't. This topic explains exactly why some people hear it easily and some people struggle to hear it : the audio has changed on day 1, and some people got the first version while others got the new one. Take a listen, 2:47. "You were so perfffFFFFrrrrect!"
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    I just realized a pattern: Both P!nk and Taylor Swift are underperforming at the same time with unusually short downtime between albums. Ariana is the only one who managed to make an album successful in a short downtime (although this could be attributed to the fact that the album sort of serves her as a way to control the narrative of her private life herself instead of letting rumors brew up in the press and giving up control) It seems like both P!nk and Taylor have nothing new to say or have a new point to make. Not implying anything, but this could also be one of the reasons why LG6 is gonna take a while more than anticipated. Despite the streaming era making the industry a lot more fast paced, overexposure is lowkey still very real. Gaga is on top now and let the ASIB era end on a very high & sweet note, she's giving us time to miss her and want her back now. I highkey don't get the liddos who scream about her wasting her "Oscars hype", like... if she actually released an album right after the Oscar win, it would look like such a cheap strategic move and she probably would have been dragged from left to right and descended into fad status quicker than Katy did
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    I didn’t know what tag to put this under, so I put it under, throwback. So throwback to yesterday when I was in the cologne aisle, and I heard Starstruck and was surprised. And I started singing along to it and stuff. I’ve never really heard stores play non singles from Artists so I was surprised. I always thought SS should of been a single tho.
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    Next month the Dutch delegation will announce the first info! Get ready y’all.
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    She should also have a theme park. There would be a horror ride where you'd go through the ARTPOP era and experience it all again
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    Quick release the LG5 RedOne bops as a tribute , we know you love tributes
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    So tell me this... Gaga spoke against the anti-LGBT agenda in Russia, while giving a concert. Should she have held a TV debate with Putin instead? It would be a much better place to discuss this than in a music concert. I have to laugh at the double standards, really!
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    diamond heart still remains as like one of the best moments. its not overdone with fake accents, weird instruments, genre bending, its just a great opener about who she is and why. that bridge/guitar and vocal solo is amazing. i wished it was either performed at the Super Bowl or made a single
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    since the real best was deleted
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    Most viewed music videos by female artists and female-fronted group 33. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Views - 1,059,719,981 Current avg/day - 357,553 99. Lady Gaga - Poker Face Views- 607,071,661 Current avg/day - 255,709 117. Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (A Star Is Born) Views- 543,650,535 Current avg/day - 1,675,741
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    i swear to god if her songs aren't playing in the background of these stores i will riot
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    ACT II, Frankenstein, etc...so much Gaga music in the Interscope vaults I'm sure they are saving for when she dies and they get to release it in albums over the years
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    Always remind us the time
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    Personally I didn't think she sounded that bad. The main thing I don't understand is why on earth she chose to perform Future it just really doesn't make for a good live performance, it's lifeless, repetitive and forgettable. Medellín would have been a far far better choice. Also the fact the performance was basically a direct rehash of her Met gala performance, down to the costumes and everything, is a bit boring...
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    I'm filming my response right now! #nomorelies
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    Stumbled across this performance of Yoü and I again. And I am so shook by the radical delivery -- the queerness intersecting with pop and rock n roll. Not to mention the monologue prior to the performance. One of her best (the video and various live incarnations including its first performance and those at TMB and so on). Just sharing some good memories. Have a happy Saturday/Sunday, GGD! EDIT: This performance also gave us this beautiful gif of Dave Grohl
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    I can tell this thread is gonna end up being 10+ pages of essays after essays. I'm ready.
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    Why people should stop doing this when what Lady Gaga and RedOne have together in 2008 / 2011 is still making half of her setlists in 2019. Those people stan talent. Nothing else.
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    Midday Update Nightmare - Halsey 5,056,187 (+2,493,245) This bop is coming to top 20 too YAAAS
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    Do you remember? When we fell in love We were young an innocent then
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    Yes, she chooses to be that way, and we love her for it. Most people at 60 are thinking of retirement, slowing down, spending time with their families. Madonna on the other hand is still giving us new music, touring the world and being successful at that, so no, not a shadow of her former self. Still the exact same Madonna that made me love all those years back. What's sad is that you keep investing your time to come to every Madonna thread to share your clear and transparent hate for her.
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    So this tells me this will be a store for EVERYTHING under the Gaga name...her merch, her beauty line, her music, exclusive things perhaps, etc... This is so cool to have your own store for everything a fan would wanna get....she is a brand now and HAUS OF GAGA has reached new levels... This also makes me wonder HAUS LABORATORIES was used for the perfume...is she making another fragrance behind the scenes again????
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    The stadium dates of the JWT were truly something else! NY Citi Field and Chigago Wringley Field dates were spectacular, her vocals were amazing and her stage presence was at a whole new level of slayness And in the Chigago date videos on yt there also are vocals from the guy who recorded it which are quite impressing, go listen to his BR vocals and you'll be SHOOKETH
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    1979: contest is in Israel 1980: contest is in the Netherlands *40 years later* 2019: contest is in Israel 2020: contest is in the Netherlands
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    I'm proud of my country for giving 0 points to North Macedonia
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    I remember when @Dutch was so upset when he didn't know who this guy was when the Netherlands presented Duncan and was upset because it didn't was Eva Simmons 😂 and now look who was the fool
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    I mean I don’t think it was bad. Just shows her support for a two-State solutions which many people of both sides refuse.
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    Spotify Brazil Shallow back to the top 10 9+9 Juntos e Shallow Now
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    I heard Monster on the radio when I was tutoring an art class a few months ago and then Shallow started playing!
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