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'Do What U Want' available for Z100 rating!

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RATE DO WHAT U WANT UP ON Z100! They're giving it no spins!

Follow these steps:

1) Click link: http://ratethemusic.com/whtz

2) Click to join advisory panel in top right

3) Fill out form with real e-mail, use NEW YORK, NEW YORK as location and 10036 as ZIP CODE!

4) Say Z100 is your favorite station, and Top 40 is your favorite music genre.

5) Take the Z100 survey at the end and rate up DWUW, and say you're not tired of it! RATE DOWN APPLAUSE.

That's it! Takes just 5 minutes or so to complete.


If DWUW reaches the top 10 on this survey, Z100 will spin it more. DWUW needs the help to get it through the Christmas Freeze, so get to rating! :)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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