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Koons Sculpture(s) Vandalized At artRave


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wtf??? how could someone do that   i love how in aura she picked up a drink put it on the floor then she walked ahead and a guy is leaning his beer on the sculpture 

Off topic, but this is my first time getting a "hot" topic in the news section.  :turkga:

Just because something isn't verified doesn't mean it's fake.    Pewdiepie has over a million followers on his Twitter account and he still isn't verified. 

Just A Holy Fool

Wow, were the people there last night even "Little Monsters".... most of them seemed quite indifferent to it all.


I bet Gaga feels so bad about that.

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That's what happens when you let a lot of immature teens in. They don't appreciate art. I loved when Gaga threw that cup of beer to the ground when she was performing ARTPOP.LOL


Some weren't even paying attention when she was performing. Disrespectful. As someone pointed out, they came for the drinks.


I loved when she did that !  but to scratch a sculpture is incredible disrepctful ...

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It was obvious there were people who weren't actual Gaga fans and just happened to get lucky. I thought security guards would have protected the sculptures, they would cost a fortune to fix.

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Are you kidding me? This just posses me off.


People are idiots for doing this.


They should have had some sort of barrier around the statues though, I was thinking that while I was watching the stream and pictures were coming out.

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Not everyone but most of them were very disrespectful. They were trying to touch her during ARTPOP performances, they always talked each other during performances. And this disrespectful vandalizm. :grr:


I think Gaga deserves more mature, more responsible and more clever fanbase. :tea:

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