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Gaga has the potential to do the funniest thing right now…


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First of all, i’m not comparing. AT ALL.

We finally got our concert film after 2 years and it is FABULOUS. We are now in the same playing field and caught up to the two other major concert films recently released. And all three fanbases are desperately wanting their live album companion… 

Itd be funny if Gaga, on Wednesday, for the 4 year anniversary of the album, and celebration release of the film announced the Live Album! The first to get the concert, the last to get the film… and the first to get the live album. 

the thought made me chuckle at the gym this morning during my workout today.

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I'm afraid the final batch of Chromatica Oreos are still coming

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Battle 4 Ur Life

I would love to be able to listen to it while I work and give her streams and sales but unfortunately we must remember that, just like any album released, Interscope is the one who must want that, pretty much entirely. Gaga would want us to have it just like the CBT Film but that only was released because they paid for it.

wishful thinking goes a long way of course and I’m sure we manifested that through the film itself.

"We own the Downtown, hear our sound."
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I dont think a live album is coming

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