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Beyonce announces new album


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NOT a country album :messga:

British social ladies with upturned pinkies, glasses clinking // xoxoTEANUS
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Duella Dvil

I was so skeptical til I saw her website 

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Roughhouse Dandy

Thank God she's giving me time to prepare. 

This is my Hannah Montana™️ lipgloss.
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Just now, Borislshere said:

queen of actually dropping an Act 2 :traumatica:

The way I clowned myself in that other thread talking about Renaissance act ii being like ARTPOP act ii when I forgot who we're dealing with :giveup: 

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Wow! So excited about this. Beyoncé in a month. Taylor in 2. And maybe Gaga in the Summer? We're being FED

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Amazing, I am happy for Beyoncé, dropped a tour film, an album in 2022 and now a new album in 2024. 


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