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I just realized how bad Xtina’s career got


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It's sort of like Katy Perry, although Katy Perry was probably more successful in terms of numbers. I think both artists have found a way to stay engaged despite low sales. Like someone mentioned here, she has a core group of fans that will probably always continue going to her shows and her songs will always appear on 90s/00s playlists/radio stations, so she's made her mark and likely doesn't need to have another hit ever again. Same with Katy Perry. 

Just another example of how Gaga's ability to come back after a perceived flop sets her apart from other artists. Her albums, including even C2C, have reached number one again and again without huge promotional campaigns, and she entered into a completely different area of the entertainment industry with a lot of success. Gaga's albums may not be the cultural shifts they once were, but they ain't flopping. 

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