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Would you’ve liked a Gaga & Paris collab?

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How would you’ve imagined the sound? Would you think of a vocal or a production or a lyrical collab like Quicksand?

Also, was Paris at the time trying to make a second album? Why she never did it? I would have loved another one from her, her first one was greatly executed, she hired some top notch producers and writers 

I don’t want to create a feud over a 15 y.o. Interview but I noticed Gaga a bit doubtful when Paris said she would love to work with her, why is that? obviously they weren’t that close and Paris was fangirling over her

but I feel Paris was getting left behind in the mid 2000s and Gaga was the next promise of the industry maybe working with Paris wasn’t a good move, sadly she wasn’t successful with the new sounds and only released a few quick singles later 

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Guillaume Hamon

Out of all the talented acts out there I wish she wouldn't go for Hilton outside of a brief fun cameo in an mv or something cute like that.

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