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College player throws wheelchair of a disabled person down


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Wheelchairs are often not provided by insurance and a custom one can cost upwards of 20k. Wheelchairs are extensions of people's bodies and are freedom they would otherwise not have so this is pretty messed up

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Why does he look exactly like a young Ted Cruz? The lizard people are replicating :messga:



And I agree he needs to pay for a replacement wheelchair and face criminal charges. 



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2 hours ago, bionic said:

banned from bar for committing a hate crime

oh no what a punishment

I saw the video. I don't think it's a hate crime. He was just a drunk jerk. People do all kinds of things when they are drunk but yeah, he was just being your regular jock 4sshole. Either way I ma happy he was "dealt" with.

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Space Cowboy

And of course it's another privileged kid doing something like this thinking him being rebellious makes him cool and edgy. Like no, your a vile pos.

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