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Hold my Hand: 3rd most streamed female song on Deezer (2022)


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This is gonna be a cute classic I can just feel it, not a smash hit. But one of those songs people will be in awe of 20 years from now :wub:

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28 minutes ago, ThisGuyTony said:

Spotify who? :applause:

In case you were wondering,

Spotify: #18

Pure sales: #5

Youtube: #2 (English) but only 5M away from becoming #1 

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9 minutes ago, Guillaume Hamon said:

This song is not flopping like some say.

Sales are quite good on the long run, even if it doesn't top the charts.

It didn’t flop at all. It was a hit in a lot of European countries, Canada and also Japan (which is very hard for western acts)

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Cameltoe Chariot

I loved the song right from release and still play it all the time… secured my vinyl single too :sis:

She promised an 80s hair metal power ballad and she absolutely delivered :vegas:

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