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Replay Live at Chromatica Ball


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Hello everyone! 

I recently took a break from editing Gaga live performances but since we got The Chromatica Ball I thought it would be a good idea to get back editing some of my favorites from this last tour, at least while we wait for the official footage to come out (:pray:).

I think most of us can agree that Replay was one of the highlights of this tour, so I decided to start with it. I really tried to reflect the excitement that I got to experience back in July when I saw this performance in real life, and also to make it as professional as possible!

I really hope you guys like it! Please, share your thoughts about it and let me know what other performances you'd like to watch in the near future.

Love ya :hug:

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i really like this!!!! some scenes are ehh but the rest is amazing!! good job <333333333333333

Ora et labora, Deus adest sine mora
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Hey great job! I feel like this video shows a lot of growth from the previous edits you’ve done! I’d definitely say its one of the best Replay edits out there. Other editors go a bit crazy and overkill with this one because its such a “chaotic” song, but you managed to make it enjoyable and capture that chaos without cutting the shots every second!

I would just watch out for a few scenes but over all great job! 

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Original Diva

This was so amazing and if we never get a DVD, I'll be glad we at least have amazing edits like this to reflect on. Great work!!!

excuse me no
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