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I forgot how much of a bop this was


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People underestimate Katy's creativity and it's insane that she hasn't won Video Vanguard or a video-related Grammy yet; She's incredibly skilled at pairing a catchy song with an interesting story and good visuals. See: The One That Got Away, Thinking Of You, Waking Up In Vegas, Chained To The Rhythm, Last Friday Night, California Gurls, Never Really Over, etc.

It's a shame she and Gaga never really got on. They have a lot in common; both are queer female popstars writing all of their music, playing instruments, excelling in visual art, they each struggled mentally in 2013 and then had a phase of mistreatment by the GP & industry, they each have a shelved album at Def Jam predating their 2008 debuts, and so on. I guess it could be things like Katy's religious upbringing vs Gaga's acceptance and dark imagery, or the "not like other girls" complex that Gaga had whilst Katy was overtly feminine. Love them both, though. :heart:

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